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7 Reasons Why Couples Should Travel Separately

If you’re all loved up, it’s tempting to take your significant other with you wherever you go. The thought of spending time with someone you love in beautiful locations definitely has an understandable appeal. But going off on a solo vacation shouldn’t be a bad thing. If you’ve been hesitating on taking that vacation alone, then check out our seven reasons why couples should travel separately:

1. You work in the same company

Workmates planning session

Nowadays, it’s not unusual to have you and your partner working in the same company or even the same department. The two of you may even have worked the same shifts. If the two of you live together, that’s almost 24 hours spent together. If you go on a vacation alone, it’s a chance for you to just think about yourself for once, without having to worry about what your partner needs.

2. You need time with your own friends

Friends at the Beach

We often sideline our friends whenever we get into a relationship. Going on a vacation without your partner gives you an opportunity to reconnect. You may have a friend who was your best travel buddy before you found love. You could use this vacation to go on adventures with him or her once again.

3. You have different interests

Person Bunjee Jumping

Part of being in a relationship is supporting your partner’s interests even if you’re not into them. It’s part of what makes a good relationship. But sometimes you just need to indulge in what you want without having to worry if your partner is having a great time. Go on that bungee jumping trip while your surfer boyfriend goes to the beach. That way, both of you can just enjoy what you like.

4. Your schedules aren’t syncing

Mom working while taking care of her kid

Sometimes the problem isn’t that you guys are spending too much time together. It could be your schedules just can’t allow for a joint vacation. There’s no harm going on a solo getaway, especially if you really need the break. You’ll probably come back calmer, more relaxed, and better equipped to help your partner through any work-related stress they may be experiencing.

5. There’s no one around to watch the kids

Father and Daughter

Filipino parents can often rely on their relatives or kasambahays to look after their kids if they ever need some rest and relaxation. But what if you have neither?

Sometimes, it’s best for one parent to take a break while the other looks after the kids. That way, there’s always one of you who’s recharged, refreshed, and ready for the responsibility. Besides, if you’re both cranky and tired because neither one of you can get a vacation, that can’t possibly be good for your children either.

6. You just want to be on your own

Guy at a Tourist Spot

Great relationships are built on compromise, but sometimes you just want things to go your way. Going on a solo vacation lets you decide what you get to do without having to worry about anybody else.

7. You get a chance to miss each other

Couple Hugging

It can’t be said enough: Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Spending time apart gives you time to appreciate what you have when you’re with your partner. Think of how romantic the reunion will be once you return.

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