10 Reasons You Should Date A Girl Who Travels

There’s nothing like meeting someone face-to-face and feeling a spark come to life between you and your potential partner. If you’re a traveler, there’s twice as many chances for that spark to start as you’re often with people who have the same passion as you. You also know, probably better than anyone, why you should date a girl who travels. But for those not in the know, here’s why you should date a girl who travels: 

1. She doesn’t sweat the small stuff

There’s so many little inconveniences that come your way during a trip, no matter how carefully planned. A seasoned traveler knows to look past that and take in the bigger picture and bigger pleasures of travel. If you’re with a girl who travels, she’ll know to focus on what’s really important between the two of you.

2. She’s adaptable and understanding

She’s been in places where the language, the culture, and the behavior are totally different from her own. She’s open to these differences. She’s adapted to them. She most likely even appreciates them. She’ll understand where you’re coming from and meet you in the middle.

3. She’s open to new experiences

Your mind is opened once you’re thrown into the midst of all the traveling has to offer. If you date a girl who travels, you date someone who’ll be game to join you in any adventure. You’ll never be bored.

4. She’s independent and strong

Traveling costs money, no matter how much you cut corners. Girls who travel know this. They know how to pinch pennies. They know how to make budgets and stick to them. She knows what to do when there are no resources available. She’s self-sufficient and rarely needy.

5. She knows money isn’t everything

As much as she knows that you need money to travel, she knows that money isn’t the point of it all. She treasures experiences over expensive presents. She’s probably seen the disparity between rich and poor in her travels, and knows to be grateful for everything she has.

6. She’s resourceful

Running low on cash? She’ll teach an English class. She’ll find a job or two that’ll  help her keep traveling. Even better, she’s probably already found a way to make an income just from traveling.

7. She balances spontaneity and planning

Like any experienced traveler, she knows to plan her itinerary and to plan for any eventuality. She also knows to take your hand and run when the wanderlust strikes and the two of you want to go and have some fun.

8. She’s at home anywhere

She’s been in hostels that probably wouldn’t even merit one star. She’s camped under the stars, or maybe even slept in airport terminals. There’s no need to worry when it comes to her. She’s spent a lot of her time adjusting and making herself at home in many different environments.

9. She’s street-smart

Any traveler who has spent enough time on the road already knows the different tricks that scammers try to pull. A girl who travels probably spots scammers before you’re even aware that they’re around. She’ll look out for you like no one else can.

10. She’ll push you to be better

She’s independent and strong. She knows how to adjust. She’s open-minded. She’s a catch, and she chose you. Be inspired by all that she is and make yourself worthy of being with her.

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