10 Reasons Why You Should Travel After A Break Up

There’s a song that goes “breaking up is hard to do,” and any heartbroken man or woman will tell you that it’s true. It’s intense, it’s painful, and you feel like your world is crashing all around you. People cope with the pain in their own ways, but one of the healthier ways is to travel and to get away for a little bit. Need convincing? Here are 10 reasons why you should travel after a break up…

1. You get to be with yourself

Making a relationship work requires two people, and when a break up happens you may need to rediscover what it’s like to be on your own. Traveling is perfect for this — left to your own devices in a new place lets you rediscover your strengths, weaknesses, and what you were before the relationship.

2. You can keep yourself distracted

Going to a place you’ve never been to before is a great way to distract yourself from the heartbreak. You can let yourself be overwhelmed by new cultures and new activities until you’re ready to deal with the aftermath of your break up.

3. You get a break

If you stay still after a break up, it’s a given that you’ll be surrounded by things that will remind you of your relationship. That’s okay if you’re looking to wallow, but if you want a breather there’s no better way to do it than by going away.

4. You get to be anonymous

When you travel, you don’t just get a break from things that remind you of your partner. You also get away from the people who only knew you as somebody’s significant other. When you meet people while you travel, they only meet you, without any relationship baggage attached.

5. You can take the trip you want

Relationships require compromise, and you may have passed on a trip you wanted to take because your partner couldn’t or wouldn’t go. You don’t need to think about another person when you’re newly-single, so go ahead and travel to that surfing spot in La Union you’ve always wanted to see.

6. You can avoid getting into a rebound relationship

For some people, the first instinct is to get into a rebound relationship. That’s great if you’re both aware it’s just a rebound relationship, but feelings get hurt when things aren’t made clear. Traveling lets you avoid this trap. Why spend your time rebounding when you can go canyoneering, for instance?

7. You can get your groove back

Sakaling Hindi Makarating. Eat, Pray, Love. How Stella Got Her Groove Back. There’s a lot of media that shows how travel can get you back on your feet after a break up, and you can add your story to the list. You’ll be meeting new people with new perspectives, and they’ll meet a you that isn’t riddled with any baggage — at least the emotional kind.

8. You get to refocus

You get to materialize goals or dreams you might have set aside in the spirit of compromise. When you’re on the road, away from the noise, you get to reorganize your priorities and maybe start taking the steps to achieve them.

9. You get to make new memories

With every new person, place, and culture you encounter, you’re making new memories to help you overcome the painful ones you have from your last relationship. Rather than wallow, you get to look back on how you made that summit on your own or how you managed to stretch your budget to afford a South Korean getaway.

10. You get to move on

Sometimes you don’t get that fare you want or get to join that tour you’re eyeing. You don’t get caught up in these little inconveniences when you’re on the road. Traveling forces you to move on — and it’s a lesson you get to apply to your relationships as well.

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