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Pahiyas Festival: Guide to Lucban’s Vibrant Event

The Pahiyas Festival is a time to honor Lucban’s patron saint of good harvests, San Isidro de Labrador. Every 15th of May, thousands of tourists and locals alike gather in the colorful town for this occasion.

In addition, it is held to celebrate the hard working residents of Lucban, Quezon in the grandest way possible.

Here’s a quick guide to this festivity plus other essential things you need to know!

How to get there

Lucban, Quezon is approximately 120 kilometers southeast of Metro Manila. The town is bordered by multiple provinces such as Laguna, so, catching any sort of public transport is quite easy.

Travel time via the SLEX will take you about three hours if you’re taking a private car. If you decide to commute, you can take a bus from Cubao for PHP225, travel time is four to five hours.

What to expect

Since the Pahiyas Festival is considered one of the biggest fiestas in the country, the local government always has a line-up of activities prepared.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Common

  • Kick-off mass. Pahiyas begins with an early morning mass at exactly six in the morning in the historic San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Parish Church. After mass, religious devotees of San Isidro start their procession around town.
  • Timpalak Pahiyas. During the day of the feast, all houses will be decorated with colorful fruits and vegetables from top to bottom. The house with the best design will win a prize at the end of the celebrations.
  • The Grand Parade. No festival is complete without a ton of dancing, grand floats, and roaring marching bands. Take part in this one-of-a-kind street party where even carabaos are dressed for the occasion. The grand parade circles around town to call on for more blessings and abundant harvests.
  • Food Food Food. Quezon is rich with amazing local delicacies and street food that you can’t leave without trying: Pilipit (breaded squash with sweet syrup), Pancit Habhab (fried miki noodles eaten without utensils and served with vinegar), and Longganisang Lucban (garlic sausage). You can even try the kiping (colorful leaf-shaped rice paste), which is popularly used as part of the Pahiyas decorations but is 100% edible.

Where to stay

If you decide to stay a night or two in the beautiful town, here are our top choices in and around the area:

1. Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel – Rates start at PHP 2,942 for a room for two with free breakfast.
2. Grand Central Hotel – Rates start at PHP 749 for a bed in the Traveler Room.
3. Queen Margarette Hotel (Mauban) – Rates start at PHP 1,800 for a Superior Room with free breakfast.
4. Patio Rizal Hotel and Restaurant – Rates start at PHP 2,185 for a Standard Room with breakfast.
5. Queen Margarette Hotel (Lucena) – Rates start at PHP 1,811 for a Superior Room with breakfast.

Tips While Attending Pahiyas Festival

  • Leave before sunrise, traffic during the day of the festival can get really bad.
  • Bring sunblock and wear something cool, but be prepared for a sudden change of weather.
  • Leave your valuables behind. Though the small town is generally safe, it’s not not sensible to bring anything but the essentials.
  • Bring a water jug to keep hydrated, avoid buying water in plastic bottles. Be a more responsible tourist and help reduce waste.
  • There are only limited hotels in the Lucban area, if you want to stay in town, make sure to book months in advance.

Ready for the festival? Make sure to book your flights and hotels with Traveloka to get the best rates!

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