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All You Need to Know About Wonderfruit Festival 2019

Wonderfruit is already hailed as the Coachella of Southeast Asia, and some even claim that it is the hottest music festival in the region. While this highly anticipated event does feature top musical acts from around the world, it also offers so much more.


What is Wonderfruit

Wonderfruit is built on six pillars: Music, Arts, Family, Farm to Feasts, Wellness and Adventures, and Talks and Workshops. At the forefront of every act and activity are sustainability, social responsibility, and environmental awareness.

The ultimate goal of the festival is to bring together a global audience to encourage, develop, and innovate creative solutions for sustainable living—to use their creative platform and make a meaningful, positive impact on the world.

Already in its sixth year, Wonderfruit doesn’t just talk the talk, it also practices the ethos it stands by. Wonderfruit is held in The Fields at Siam Country Club near Pattaya, Thailand, where its own environmentally-sound pop-up city is located.

The city is completely plastic-free to offset the transportation emissions of attendees. The event only uses renewable power and eco-friendly building materials like bamboo and recycled plastic.

The Woman Behind it

Image Credit: @katrinarazon via Instagram


Wonderfruit is a product of passion and aspiration. Katrina Razon is the director of Wonderfruit and a multi-hyphenated girl boss from Manila.

She is the founder of KSR Ventures (a venture capitalist firm), a managing partner at Third Culture Music + Media (a branding, events, and music consultancy based in Hong Kong), and on top of all that, she’s also a DJ who’s known around Asia as DJ Katsu.

A music fan, Katrina witnessed firsthand how environmentally corrosive music festivals have been in the United States and Europe, and she is eager to change the reputation they have.

“Music festivals cause devastating damage to the environment whether by carbon emissions or plastic pollution. We wanted to prove that a lifestyle festival can be carbon neutral yet celebrate cultural diversity.”

Wonderfruit festival grounds

Wonderfruit is a testament to the work that she and her partners—Pranitan Phornprapha and Montonn Jira—have put to their cause so far.

The Wonderers offset their carbon footprint by planting mangrove trees and banning single-use plastic at their events (this year, it’s plastic-free). They’ve even developed their own cryptocurrency, Tree Coin, to support investment in natural capital.

They have partnered with the Thailand Greenhouse Organisation to measure all processes and understand the carbon footprint left by their festival–since 2017 Wonderfruit has remained carbon neutral.

The team at Wonderfruit also works with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, the Plastic Pollution Coalition, Greenpeace, and many other advocacy groups worldwide.

Wonderfruit Walks the Walk

Every detail of the event stems from the idea of sustainability and environment protection.

The Case for Cashless

Wonderfruit is a completely cashless event. Instead, Wonderers receive RFID bands which they can simply load with credits at any of the 13 top-up stations around the festival to pay for food, drinks, souvenirs, massages, and anything they find throughout the five-day event.

At the end of the festival, they can refund leftover credit which will then be deposited into their respective bank accounts.

100% Plastic-Free

This year, Wonderfruit pushes its advocacy one step further by having the festival completely plastic-free. All plateware and cutlery are plant-based and 100% biodegradable.

Wonderers will have to use refill cups to drink water, which is filtered from the natural lake at The Fields.

Reuse and Recycle

Bath House

Wonderfruit continues to have all its stages and art installations made of sustainable, recycled, or upcycled materials.

Venues like the Bath House, which is inspired by the Japanese onsen and Thai bathing rituals, is built into a natural lake and is made of bamboo.

Concert stages are built into the natural environment and some are even made of trash and upcycled wood.

Music Moment

The local and international acts are major draws for the 13,000 people who attended Wonderfruit in 2018. Roam around The Fields and look for majestic musical stages where music intersects with art and technology.

Solar Stage

The Solar Stage comes alive only at sunrise and sunset. A modular wooden stage designed by burning man artist Gregg Fleishmann is like an adult playground where you can climb, explore, and catch the best views of the sunset.

It’s the only stage playing music at sunrise for the early risers or those who have yet to catch some shut-eye.

On Friday, don’t miss the Swedish electronic duo, Gidge, bring their chord progressions to the Solar Stage for an immersive and emotional performance.

French DJ Collective La Mamie will close the festival with five hours of their unconventional beats and genre-bending sounds—the last hurrah to let your creative spirit fly.

Forbidden Fruit

The landing place for a night of dancing and giving in to your hedonistic pleasures, Forbidden Fruit is held in an Instagrammable structure made of bamboo decorated with red fairy lights.

Recycled prayer mats are laid on the ground for you to just lay down to take in the good vibes of the natural surroundings.

On Saturday, Ed Banger will take over for a night of house, alternative dance, electro, hip-hop, nu-disco, and synthpop with acts performing back to back, including Breakbot and Irfane and singer-songwriter DJ Yasmin.

The Quarry

Set deep in the forests at The Fields lies the Quarry, where beats meet nature. Wander into the forested realm for a late-night dance session and listen to the line-up of acts curated by Craig Richards.

This year’s selection features Felix Dickinson, Binh, Bobby, and Thai rising star DJ Dott.

Theatre Stage

Built on top of a natural crater, the Theatre Stage is where you can sit on the grass and take in the glow of the twilight or relax in the afternoon and take in the sounds of exploratory genre-defying live acts from around the world like hip-hop jazz artist Alfa Mist and electronic musician Rival Consoles.

The Theatre Stage is home to Musicity, a project where artists from Erased Tapes will produce architecture-inspired music inspired by landmarks of Bangkok.

The Polygon

The Polygon is a 25-meter polygonal structure where futuristic sensory technology synchronizes with touch, holographs, and surround sounds for one of the most compelling and immersive experiences in the EDM landscape.

Come here for Earth Echo, a sound healing project that uses technology, healing scent dispersion, and carefully curated animal and wildlife sounds to trigger emotions and sensations.

Things To Do


Wonderfruit welcomes people of all ages and groups of all kinds. The youngest of Wonderers can discover and explore at Camp Wonder where they can dive into playgrounds and workshops that are both educational and entertaining.

The Art Gardening Workshops will teach children how to ensure soil health and cultivate their green thumb. We suggest Family AcroYoga which will synergize the children and parents’ natural energies through yoga, acrobatics, and Thai Massage.


The art installations found at The Fields are all made from organic, recycled, or upcycled materials. You have to catch A Singing Sea by Satit Raksari, an installation-cum-shelter made from found objects on the beaches of Thailand.

Farms to Feasts

Wonderfruit has big communal banquets of farm-to-table dishes to bring together the good vibes of Wonderers.

Enjoy Michelin star-grade meals with Bangkok’s 80/20 or mobile bites at the Pop-Up Kitchen. Either way, expect your tummy to be filled by sustainably sourced goodness.

Talks and Workshops

Wonderers all around the world gather during Scratch Talks where they listen to inspiring speakers talk about ideas that they are most passionate about.

This year, the theme is LIVE, LOVE, and WONDER. Listen to talks about climate change and the inner depths of human relationships.

Scratch Talks is held in the Eco Pavilion–a man-made crater protected by 123 red and pink hand-crafted cotton umbrellas from Chiang Mai. Don’t forget to take the perfect photo for your social media!

Wellness and Adventure

Wonderfruit is a haven to discover new things about yourself. Join the wellness sessions by global pros, gain a renewed perspective on life, and get a more limber and relaxed body.

We suggest joining the Alchemy Experience by Six Senses to create your own teas, massage oils, and bath sachets. For a one-of-a-kind experience, undergo a deep meditative experience at the Mindfulness Gong Bath.

Where to Stay

You have two options on-site: glamping or camping. If you’re glamping, you can rent a Bell Tent, Safari Tent, or Boutique RV. For a fancy stay, book the Camp Kerala Experience, the 5-star Wonderfruit accommodation. For those who want to camp, you can pay for general camping or RV parking access.

Off-site, you can stay at the interior envy-inducing [email protected] Design Hotel Pattaya, the official hotel partner of Wonderfruit.

Book Your Tickets on Traveloka

You and your fellow Wonderers can easily book your ticket to Wonderfruit on Traveloka Xperience. Choose between the Sunday Pass, Weekend Pass, or the Full Pass (highly-recommended!).

Book Wonderfruit Festival tickets here

You can redeem your ticket by showing your Traveloka voucher on your phone at the ticket office to receive your wristband. Now, start wondering!

Want to try other epic adventures in Thailand? Check out other activities and events in the area through Traveloka.

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