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Batanes Budget and Itinerary: 4-days for P8,000

There’s just something about Batanes. It’s been ravaged by storms and waves as tall as skyscrapers, and yet every image of the province exudes an effortless and almost mystical sort of beauty. If you’re planning a trip anytime soon, then follow this Batanes on a budget itinerary that covers all the must-visit sights courtesy of expert-traveler, Anj Pereda.

1. Transportation


Until recently, flights to Batanes were limited to a few chosen airlines. Today, most of the top local carriers have included Manila-Basco to their regular routes.

Flight time from Manila only takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. The year round rates to Batanes could be significantly more expensive than the typical fare but if you book in advance via Traveloka you can save as much as 70% off.

Tricycle tour

One of the cheapest and most efficient ways to get around the island is via Tricycle. Aside from saving you money, it’s also the best way to enjoy the scenery and cool Batanes air without tiring yourself out. Driver fees go for around 200 per hour (for two).

Port to port

Batanes is composed of multiple islands. While you’re there, it’s advisable to explore beyond Batan. From the Radiwan port in Ivana, guests can take a 30-40 minute Faluwa (local boat) ride to Sabtang island, and three to four hour ride to the Itbayat port.

2. Must-visit places

Batanes is composed of 10 islands scattered around the rough waters, but only the main islands of Batan, Sabtang and Itbayat are inhabited and accessible to locals. Aside from the amazing views, you can expect to see awe-inspiring Ivatan craftsmanship, dreamy architecture, and the brightest shades of blues and greens you’ll ever see.

Basco Lighthouse

Easily one of the most iconic structures in Batanes, this lighthouse is one of the only three in the entire province. The lighthouse is located atop the breathtaking Naidi Hills and set on the former American period telegraph facilities site.

The six storey building has a viewing deck on the 5th floor where you can catch unbeatable views of the West Philippine Sea, and the whole Batan island.

Tukun Chapel

This small chapel is crafted the traditional way — no power tools, all manual labor. The walls are made up of rugged boulders, and the doors are made up of intricately cut wood. Inside, you’ll see beautiful stained glass windows and hand painted images of the island’s patron saints.

Racuh-a-Payaman (Marlboro Country)

Characterized by its lush hills dotted by grazing cattle, jagged edges beaten and bruised by the wild pacific below, and jaw-dropping beauty as far as the eye can see — Marlboro Country is quite possibly one of the most stunning places in the world.

PAGASA Weather Station

Perched on top a steep hill, the weather station presents 360 views of the island, its surrounding landscapes and beyond.

Morong Beach

Morong Beach is one of the most photographed beaches in Sabtang Island because of its natural stone arch. It’s also one of the most tourist-friendly beaches, and one of the few coves with sandy shores and calmer waves.

Japanese Tunnel

Hidden in one of the hills of Tukon, these tunnels served as one of the Japanese strongholds and hiding places during World War II. Travelers are allowed to explore the multiple chambers and climb up the hill for more of the island’s picture-perfect views.

Homoron Blue Lagoon

Also known as the Spanish Lagoon for its reputation as an exclusive slice of paradise only accessible to the Spaniards during the colonization, the Blue Lagoon is a small turquoise gem hidden between rocky cliffs. Today, locals and tourists alike can enjoy by following an unassuming trail that leads to the pool below.

Valugan Boulder Beach

Far from the typical white sandy beaches the country is known for, the Valugan Boulder Beach presents a different kind of beauty. The scattered boulders have piled the shores on the eastern foot of Mt. Iraya since its violent eruption thousands of years ago.

3. Where to stay

Since this will be an action-packed trip, it’s important to have a comfortable place to relax and recharge at night. Here are our recommended hotels:

Shanadel’s Inn – Rates start at P1,200 per night for two guests.
Martin’s Inn – Rates start at P1,800 for two guests.
DDD Habitat Lodging House – Rates start at 1,925 per night for a room that can fit up to four guests.
Dive Batanes Lodge and Restaurant – Rates start at P2,635 for a Deluxe Room with free breakfast.
Savatan Homestay – Rates start at P3,038 a night for a room that can fit up to four guests.

4. Daily Itinerary

Day 1

  • Welcome to Basco Arch
  • Tukun chapel
  • Pag asa complex
  • Ijang portres
  • Japanese tunnel
  • Boulder beach
  • Santo domingo church
  • Naidi lighthouse

Day 2

  • Morong Peak (trekking)
  • Gorilla Rock
  • Brgy Nakanmuan smallest community
  • Brgy. Sumnanga (Fishing village)
  • Little Hongkong (Sword Fish daing)
  • Duvek
  • Chariz Water/Spring Water (Enchanted)
  • Morong Beach
  • St. Thomas Aquinas
  • Mt. Valungot
  • Tinyan
  • Chamantad Cove
  • Chabayan
  • Wakay Beach

Day 3

  • Mahatao Boat Shelter
  • San Carlos Borromeo Parish
  • Viewing of Blue Lagoon
  • White Beach
  • Spanish Bridge
  • House of Dakay
  • Honesty Store
  • Muchong
  • Ruins of Susong
  • Brgy. Itbud
  • Madangay
  • Alapad Rock Formation
  • Old Loral Station
  • San Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel
  • Raku apayaman
  • Malboro Country

Day 4

  • Back to Malboro Country

5. Expense breakdown

  • P3,600 – Shanadel’s Inn stay (1,200 per night for two guests)
  • P350 per head – Basco Eco tourism feeP1,000 for two – North Batan Tour
  • P20 – rental of Vakul and Kalapay
  • P26 – jeepney fare going to Ivana port
  • P100 – boat fare going to Sabtang port
  • P200 – Sabtang Eco Tourism Fee
  • P200 – Coconut Crab (optional)
  • P300 – Sabtang Accommodation
  • P1,500 for two – Sabtang Tour
  • P100 – boat fare going back to Ivatan Port
  • P26 – jeepney fare going back to hotel
  • P1,500 for two – South Batan Tour
  • P260 – round-trip fare to Marlboro Country (Optional)
  • Total = P8,182 *airfare not included.

Ready for your trip to Batanes? Make sure to book your flight and hotel with Traveloka!

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