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How to Celebrate Christmas in Taiwan: A Survival Guide

Although Christmas is not a national holiday in this destination, Taiwan offers a lot of opportunities to celebrate. From parks decked to the nines to special winter highlights, christmas in Taiwan makes for an unforgettable yuletide experience for you and the whole family!

Planning a quick Christmas getaway? We’ve compiled all you need to know about winter in Taiwan and why you should choose this culturally-diverse island as your December destination.

Christmas Overview

Xinyi District Christmas

  • Winter season: December to February
  • Average temperature: 13 °C to 18 °C

Taiwan may not be the top-of-mind stop when it comes to Christmas destinations, considering there are very few Christians—about 4.5% of the entire population—who truly celebrate it. But even that won’t stop Christmas from making this season bright in Taiwan!

Despite the lack of Christians, the business-as-usual hours on December 25th, and the fact that most of the Taiwanese people are saving up for and anticipating the Chinese Lunar New Year, Christmas is still very evidently celebrated across the island.


Taipei 101 Observatory

With the right planning and research, a three-day, two night-stay, can cost as low as P10,000—flights and accommodations included!

Budget airline flights from Manila to Taipei can cost as low as P4,000. Meanwhile, Taiwan has a wide range of low-cost hotels and hostels for travelers on a budget, with rates ranging from P400 to P700 a night.

Other expenses, such as food, transportation, and attractions are affordable as well. Going on a trip to Taiwan definitely won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Book flights, hotels, and Xperiences on Traveloka to get the best deals.

Getting Around

HSR Taiwan

When exploring the city, using the metro is the most efficient and cheapest way to get around. A single ticket costs around TWD20 to TWD65. Taiwan also operates good bus services with fares costing between TWD15 to TWD30.

If you’re visiting other main cities, such as Taichung and Kaohsiung, traveling via High-Speed Trains is a quick and comfortable way to go.

Pro-tip: Getting an Easycard will make your metro travels easier and more affordable! If you’ll be hopping from one city to another, we recommend purchasing the Taiwan High-Speed Rail Pass for unlimited rides during your stay.

Book your Taiwan High-Speed Rail Pass here

Winter Spots

Gloriday - Taiwan
The Gloriday Christmas Tree

Here are some spots in Taiwan which definitely take deck the halls to another level:

  • Christmasland, New Taipei City
  • Gloriday in Taouyuan district
  • Pingtung Villages
  • Jiqin Christmas Alley, Beitou district

Christmas Highlights

Star bridge - Christmasland
The Christmasland Star Bridge
  • Enjoy Christmasland: The whole Banqiao district turns into a Winter Wonderland spectacle during this time of year. With stunning light fixtures, festive Christmas activities, and many opportunities to shop, dine, and have a good time, it definitely captures the festive spirit of the season!
  • Visit Taipei 101 Observatory: No matter the season, it’s a must-visit! See a spectacular view of the whole city from the observatory! Book your tickets here.
  • Stroll down Jiqin Christmas Alley: In Jiqin Village of Beitou district, see the dazzling lights and ornaments of the residents in the area and immerse yourself in their creative Christmas decorations.
  • Take part in Pingtung County Festivities: With around 80% of its residents being Catholics, the villages of Wanjin and Chishan have spectacular yuletide attractions like stunning light shows and Christmas parades, making them tourist magnets.
  • See snow: Have a merry white Christmas and head north to Taiwan’s mountains, like Mt. Hehuan or Mt. Guanshan, where snow falls during the winter season.

Quick Getaway Tips

Taipei Unlimited Fun Pass

  • Join a tour: Going on a tour maximizes the fun and covers all the must-see attractions in a short period of time! Explore Taipei with this awesome city tour!
  • Book in advance: Make time to book your tickets before the actual trip to save time on queuing. Book Xperiences on Traveloka for hassle-free bookings today!
  • Get a Taiwan Unlimited Fun Pass: Don’t miss the chance to save big as this pass grants unlimited access to trains, buses, and tourist shuttles. You’ll also get complimentary passes to 16 of Taipei’s top attractions! Book it here!
  • Stay connected on the go: To save precious exploring time, rent a portable Wi-Fi device and have it delivered to your door before you leave for Taiwan. You can start updating your feeds the minute you deplane! Reserve your own pocket Wi-Fi here.


Step into your holiday gear and have a merry Christmas this December in Taiwan. Book your activities on Traveloka and enjoy great deals!

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