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7 Do’s and Don’ts in the “New” Boracay

Boracay is back, and it’s better than it has ever been in at least 10 years. But to keep it getting better, the local government units along with the Department of Tourism (DOT), have began enforcing stricter rules on visitors as well as locals.

If you’re heading to the island soon, here’s what you need to know with the NEW BORACAY:


1. No collecting of sand or pebbles

white sand and pebbles

Collecting a small bottle of sand and pebbles as a souvenir might sound harmless, but this could possibly cause erosion in the long run.

Those who get caught will be charged PHP2,500 or could even face imprisonment of up to three months for first-time offenders, and up to six months for repeat offenders.

Aside from this, anything taken from the beach should be returned. Any white sand or pebbles found within the municipality of Malay and out of the beaches of Boracay, shall be considered as evidence of extraction.

2. No smoking on the beach, public areas, and PUVs

No Smoking Sign

Those caught smoking out of designated areas will be fined PHP500 for the first offense and PHP1,500 for repeat offenders. Violators can also be imprisoned for one to three months.

3. No drinking of alcoholic beverages along the beach

Alcohol Band

Despite Boracay’s reputation as a party island, drinking is not allowed on the beachfront.

If you want to drink and party, keep it confined within the bars and clubs. Those caught drinking on the beach will be fined PHP2,500, and drinks will also be confiscated.

4. No pets on the beachfront

Pet on the Beach

Pets caught on the beachfront will be impounded up to a maximum of two days, the fee of which (PHP100 per day), will be charged to the owner.

5. No building of sandcastles

Boracay Sand Castle

While building sandcastles might sound like a harmful childhood pastime, this could disturb nesting sites of crabs and other animals.

Fines of up to PHP2,500 or imprisonment of up to 30 days shall be imposed, upon discretion of the court.

6. No parking of motor vehicles on the beachfront

No Parking on Beach

Those caught shall be charged a fine of up to PHP2,500.

7. No “flyering” or hanging of posters at the beachfront

Those found in violation of this ordinance will be charged PHP2,500 per billboard found, and PHP500 per piece of advertisement.

Check out this video for the do’s and dont’s when in Boracay:


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