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Budget or Luxury? Your Handy Guide to Flights to Singapore From Manila

Singapore is one of the hottest destinations in South East Asia. In addition to breathtaking spots like Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay, the Lion City also has some of the best and cheapest eats in the region.

So if you’re thinking about booking a flight and taking in all that the city has to offer, here’s a handy guide to give you the low-down on your best options for flights to Singapore.


Jetstar Asia

Jetstar Flights

An off-shoot of Jetstar Airways and Australia’s Qantas airline, Jetstar Asia is a low-cost airline based in Singapore. Not limiting itself to just flights to Singapore, Jetstar Airways also offers regional flights to several Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

Things to know

  • Airport route: Flies from NAIA Terminal 1 in Manila to Changi Airport in Singapore
  • Types of aircraft: Airbus A320-200
  • Seat pitch: 29 inches
  • Entertainment: Jetstar only offers inflight entertainment for its 787 Dreamliner international flights, so be sure to pack a good book or your tablet to keep yourself busy while up in the air.

In-flight Meals

Jetstar offers meal options that cater to every kind of budget, starting with light snacks like nacho chips with guacamole, chocolate muffins, or a bag of fruit crisps, for under USD10.

For those in the mood for something more substantial, they also offer heartier meals like the Soya Chicken Rice and Nasi Lemak for  USD12.

Additional Perks for travelers

  • Jetstar offers Comfort Packs for pre-flight purchase. The packs include an inflatable neck support pillow, Zenology cosmetics lip balm and hand cream, earplugs, an eye mask, a pen, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a take-home blanket.
  • If you’ve purchased their upgraded bundles, you can access their lounge in Changi Airport.

Book your Jetstar flights to Singapore here



Scoot Flights

As Singapore Airlines’ low-cost off-shoot, Scoot first made a name for itself in 2012, when it began operating flights from Singapore to Sydney and the Gold Coast in Australia. Since then, it has expanded and now flies to over 60 destinations across 19 countries and territories.

Things to know

  • Airport route: Flies from NAIA Terminal 1 in Manila to Changi Airport in Singapore
  • Types of aircraft: Airbus A320
  • Seat pitch: 28 inches
  • Entertainment: None

In-flight Meals

With Scoot, you can enjoy dishes such as Braised Chicken with Rice, Nasi Lemak, and Madras Curry with Basmati Rice, all for PHP680. Unlike other budget airlines where you have to purchase drinks separately, all Scoot’s meals come with a drink and a snack.

Additional Perks for travelers

  • Avail of Scoot’s Insider benefits and you can get discounts on flights and get first dibs on their promos.

Book your Scoot flights to Singapore here


Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airline Flights

Ranked as the world’s best airline since 2018, not to mention having the unique distinction of being named Best Airline in Asia, Singapore Airlines is in a class of its own. Singapore’s flag carrier operates routes to 62 destinations.

Things to know

  • Airport route: Flies from NAIA Terminal 3 in Manila to Changi Airport in Singapore
  • Types of aircraft: Boeing 787-10, Boeing 777-300, Boeing 777-200
  • Seat pitch: 31 inches (Economy)
  • Entertainment: SQ’s inflight entertainment system, KrisWorld, offers more than 1,800 on-demand entertainment options, including movies, popular TV shows and games, and an impressive selection of music.

In-flight Meals

Singapore Airlines boasts its own International Culinary Panel, a team of renowned chefs from all over the world who bring their unique culinary experiences and skills to the airline’s meal development, creating world-class dishes you can enjoy at 30,000 feet.

For Business and First Class flyers, you can avail of their Book the Cook service and experience world-class fine dining in the comfort of your seat.

Dishes include Classic Lobster Thermidor, Grilled Chilean Seabass, and a 6 oz. Rib-Eye Steak. Economy customers can enjoy their inflight meals without any additional costs.

Additional Perks for travelers

  • SQ is known to have some of the best airline food to ever grace the air. Even for Economy fliers, it’s quite the experience.

Book your Singapore Airlines flights to Singapore here


Philippine Airlines 

Philippine Airline Flights

The flag carrier of the Philippines, it is the first and oldest commercial airline to operate under its original name in Asia. Philippine Airlines or PAL operates routes to 41 international destinations and 31 domestic destinations. It offers Economy, Premium Economy, and Business Class options.

Things to know

  • Airport route: Flies from NAIA Terminal 2 in Manila to Changi Airport in Singapore
  • Types of aircraft: Airbus A321, Airbus A330
  • Seat pitch: 31-32 inches
  • Entertainment: myPAL eSuite features a wide selection of movies, TV programs, games, music, and inflight surfing.

In-flight Meals

PAL offers a delicious array of dishes that blend traditional and fusion cuisines. Just like Singapore Airlines, PAL also invites world-class chefs to develop meals for its inflight dining experience Food Festivals in the Sky.

Additional Perks for travelers

  • The airline offers myPAL Roam, a pocket wifi you can rent for as low as PHP 200/day when you go overseas.

Book your PAL flights to Singapore here


Go and explore Singapore. Book your flights on Traveloka for the best deals!

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