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Top Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss at Jewel Changi Airport

Officially opened in 2019, Jewel Changi Airport is a nature-themed entertainment complex and retail hub on the landside of Changi Airport in Singapore. This 10-story building is home to more than 300 commercial facilities, as well as gardens, a hotel, and aviation functions.

Complete with must-see attractions, Jewel Changi has quickly become a top destination for tourists and travelers alike. There is simply so much to do. Book your tickets online and explore the airport hassle-free!

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Check out the following attractions that will greet you once you step into this man-made beauty:

1. The Rain Vortex

The Rain Vortex in Jewel Changi

The Rain Vortex is the main attraction in Jewel Changi. Standing at 130 feet, it is the world’s largest and tallest indoor waterfall. Making it more mystical is the surrounding Shiseido Forest Valley, a five-story-tall structure that features more than 100,000 shrubs from different parts of the world.

2. Canopy Park

Located at the topmost level of Jewel Changi, Canopy Park is filled with attractions for everyone in the family to enjoy. Inside it are two hard-to-miss gardens: the Topiary Walk and the Petal Garden. The Topiary Walk features plants and shrubs shaped as animals, while the Petal Garden is where you can find gorgeous floral presentations.

Topiary Walk at the Canopy Park
Topiary Walk

The park includes the Canopy Bridge, which you should walk along on if you want to see the glorious Rain Vortex up close.

Canopy Bridge at the Canopy Park
Canopy Bridge

Canopy Park is where the Canopy Mazes are found. The Hedge Maze is called such because of its 1.8-m high hedge walls. The Mirror Maze, on the other hand, uses various reflections to create a network of paths and puzzles.

There are also attractions designed for children. The Sky Nets, composing of the 250-m long Bouncing Net and the 50-m long Walking Net, are ideal for kids to explore and enjoy.

Foggy Bowls at the Canopy Park
Foggy Bowls

The youngsters may also have fun at any of the four integrated slides at the Discover Slides. They also have the option to play among clouds at the Foggy Bowls.

3. Changi Experience Studio

Amazing Runway at Changi Experience Studio
Amazing Runway at Changi Experience Studio

Get a glimpse of how the Jewel Changi Airport is run when you enter the Changi Experience Studio. This 3,000-sqm facility lets you play interactive games, watch virtual displays, and be amazed at the immersive shows that feature the history of Changi Airport.

Sky Deck at Changi Experience Studio
The Sky Deck at Changi Experience Studio


Before You Go

Jewel Changi is bucket list-worthy, indeed, but before you explore the complex, it pays to know the following details:

  • If you’re a passenger from Changi Airport, you need to go out of the terminals before you can get to Jewel Changi. It means you’ll have to undergo the immigration process first. Because of this, it is only advisable to visit Jewel Changi if you’re actually visiting Singapore or if your layover is a long one during the day. Most shops close at night, so that’s another factor you have to consider.
  • If your layover is less than five hours or so, there will be no guarantee that the immigration officer will let you pass and go out of the terminal.


Excited to take a photo beside the Rain Vortex and other attractions in Jewel Changi? Get tickets via Traveloka!

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