NAIA Terminal 2 Guide: Everything You Need to Know

NAIA Terminal 2 operates with both domestic and international flights. To commemorate the 100th year of the declaration of the Philippine independence, it was dubbed the Centennial Terminal.

The terminal has six levels which are shaped like a “V” with two sides. The northern side is where international flights operate, while the southern side serves domestic flights.


NAIA Terminal 2 is located on the NAIA Road in Pasay, Metro Manila.

How to Get to NAIA Terminal 2

Commuting to the Terminal

If you’re coming from EDSA, ride a bus with a label “MIA” or “Manila International Airport”. The bus has stopovers in both terminals 1 and 2. You may also take the LRT and alight at the Baclaran terminal. From there, you may ride a jeepney going to the airport.

Traveling by Car

If you’re coming from Makati, take the flyover going to Aurora Boulevard, past Magallanes interchange. Turn right at the end and then left at the next intersection going to the Domestic Road. After that, take a left turn and continue driving until you see the terminal ramps. Direction signs can be found in the vicinity.

List of Airlines that Operate in NAIA Terminal 2

Philippines Airlines and PAL Express can be found at NAIA Terminal 2. Flights going to about 50 destinations operate in the terminal. Other operating airlines are as follows:

  • Air Macau
  • Garuda Indonesia
  • Vietnam Airlines


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1. Initial Security

Ready your passport and ticket before entering NAIA Terminal 2. There will be a guard to inspect these requirements before you lift your bag/s up to the x-ray machine. Porter services are also available.

2. Travel Tax

Pay your travel tax (PHP 1,620) before you check-in. You may settle travel tax payments at TIEZA counters beside the check-in area or pay your travel tax online.

You will be asked to present your passport and ticket. Don’t forget to keep the receipt since you will need to surrender it upon check in.

Two things to take note of:

  • Verify if the travel tax is already included in your flight booking so you don’t have to do this step.
  • Domestic passengers don’t need to pay travel tax.

3. Check-In

Go to the check-in queue and present your passport, travel tax receipt, and ticket. You will also need to drop your luggage here, if you have bags to check-in.

Once done, you will receive a boarding pass that has your gate number and boarding time. Keep your documents intact.

4. Immigration

Fill out the immigration form then proceed to the Bureau of Immigration window. Present the form along with your passport, boarding pass, and other documents that may come handy such as your hotel receipt or printed itinerary, if you’re traveling for leisure.

Answer the officer politely and wait until your passport gets stamped.

5. Final Security

Again, your hand-carry bags will go through an x-ray machine and metal detector. Once done, proceed to your designated gate and wait until boarding.

6. Boarding

Boardings, change of gates, and delays will be announced so always be attentive. You may look at the screens by the gate for any changes that may occur. When boarding, you have to present your passport and boarding pass to the attendant.


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Before landing in NAIA Terminal 2, a crew member will distribute customs form that needs to be filled out if you’re a foreigner.

1. Immigration

Go straight to the immigration counter, line up, and wait for your turn. Usually, the office doesn’t ask questions if you’re returning from a trip. You just have to hand them your passport for stamping.

2. Baggage Carousel

If you have check-in luggage, this is where you can pick it up. Just head towards the conveyor belt labeled with your flight number.

3. Customs

Walk towards the Customs center and submit your form. Usually, if you have nothing to declare, you don’t have to undergo an inspection.

Additional Services

The following services are available at NAIA Terminal 2:

  • Food, Drink, and Retail Shops
  • Phones
  • Restrooms
  • Banking Facilities (Including Banks, Money Exchange, and ATMs)
  • Porters (PHP 50)

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