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Pasalubong Ideas: 9 Unique Shopping Finds in Ngong Ping Village

Visiting Lantau Island in Hong Kong? Take the chance to explore the Ngong Ping Village and immerse yourself in its rich culture as you appreciate the Chinese-style architecture present in the area.

Ngong Ping Village is a 1.5-hectare open-air tourist attraction that serves as a home to various themed shops, dining spots, and entertainment spaces. On one side, you can see the famous Big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha) and the Ngong Ping Piazza. The Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal is linked to the other end.

The Tian Tan Buddha and Ngong Ping Cable Car
The Tian Tan Buddha and a Ngong Ping 360 cable car

While there, you shouldn’t miss taking a photo with the huge Lucky Cat, an icon of luck and fortune usually found with its left paw up. There are also smaller versions of this endearing character which you can see in storefronts.

Tourists posing beside the Lucky Cat
Tourists posing beside the Lucky Cat

Traveling Filipinos are pretty accustomed to buying treats for friends and relatives back home. Ngong Ping Village is where you can find interesting pasalubong items you can hardly find elsewhere in Hong Kong. These souvenirs make great gifts as well.

If you’re in the hunt for unique shopping finds in Ngong Ping Village, check out the following suggestions:

1. Rose Quartz Bracelet with a Lucky Cat

Prosperous Lucky Cat Ornament

Made of natural crystal, this charming bracelet is known to increase your luck in love and popularity.

  • Where to Buy: Lucky Cat Store


2. Prosperous Lucky Cat Ornament

Rose Quartz Bracelet with Lucky Cat

Colorful and stunning, this ornament is believed to bring good luck. It comes in five variations, with each one serving a different purpose. You can even get one that can make you lucky at your workplace! It can also be used as a coin bank.

  • Where to Buy: Lucky Cat Store


3. Mobile Softee Toy Car

Mobile Softee Toy Car

Looking for a gift for the kids (and kids at heart)? The Mobile Softee Toy Car is designed based on the actual truck of the popular local snack provider, Mobile Softee.

  • Where to Buy: Hong Kong Love
  • Price: HKD128 (or ~P850)


4. Music Box with Buddha

Music Box with Buddha

If you’re willing to shell out a little more, this cute music box is an ideal pasalubong. It has a small Buddha peacefully sitting on the box, and it plays serene music. And oh, you can only purchase this at Ngong Ping 360!

  • Where to Buy: Walking with Buddha (WWB) souvenir shop
  • Price: HKD495 (or ~P3,270)


5. Little Buddha Furnishings

Little Buddha Furnishings

Perfect as décor in your bedroom or living room, these tiny statue-like Buddha items in quirky poses are too cute to ignore. Like other souvenirs on this list, these furnishings have special meaning in the traditional local culture.

  • Where to Buy: Walking with Buddha Souvenir Shop
  • Price: HKD200 (or ~P1,320) per piece


6. Cable Car Hanging Plush

Cable Car Hanging Plush with Suction Cup

Get reminded of your Lantau trip whenever you see these adorable plushes on your car or window. These handy souvenirs are patterned after Lantau’s cable cars, but with cartoon designs. Buy three pieces and get one for free!

  • Where to Buy: Motion 360 Souvenir Shop
  • Price: HKD80 (or ~P530) per piece


7. Shot Glasses (Set of 3)

Shot Glasses

With designs featuring different modes of transportation in Hong Kong, these shot glasses (which come in a set of 3) are perfect to use during happy hour with your friends. They can serve as beautiful home decorations as well.

  • Where to Buy: Motion 360 Souvenir Shop
  • Price: HKD165 (or ~P1,090)


8. Ngong Ping 360 Luggage Strap

Ngong Ping 360 Luggage Strap

What sets this apart from other luggage straps is its design based on the Ngong Ping 360 cable car. Put it on your luggage and you won’t have a hard time recognizing it once it pops out the baggage carousel. Take advantage of the Buy Three, Get One for Free promo.

  • Where to Buy: Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal Souvenir Shop
  • Price: HKD120 (or ~P800)


9. Umbrella with Lantau Island Pattern

Umbrella with Lantau Island Pattern

Protect yourself from rain and direct sunlight with this durable and sturdy umbrella. It has an attractive look, thanks to the design featuring signature attractions in Lantau Island.

  • Where to Buy: Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal Souvenir Shop
  • Price: HKD175 (or ~P1,160)


Ready to shop until you drop? Make that Ngong Ping Village trip happen when you book flights, hotels, and even attractions and activities on Traveloka!

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