List of Visa Free Countries For Filipinos — And What You Can See There (Southeast Asia)

As rewarding as traveling can be, there is quite a bit of work that goes into preparing for it, especially if you come from the Philippines. As much as you’d like to see Gangnam, or walk past what remains of the Berlin Wall, you’d probably have to spend a not negligible amount time at these countries respective embassies applying for a visa. And that’s not even a guarantee you’ll get one.

There are, of course, other options. Currently, the Philippines enjoys visa-free or visa on arrival access to 61 countries or territories. That’s a lot of countries to visit or explore. Here’s a list of visa free countries that you can visit in Southeast Asia — and the tourist spots and destinations you can see there.


Tasek Merimbun

Visa-free Entry: 14 Days

While we mostly know the nation of Brunei for its extensive petroleum and natural gas fields, this isn’t all that the country has to offer. Aside from these resources that have allowed its economy to flourish, Brunei is also home to mountains, rainforests, and cultural sights that are sure to entice.


  • Head over to Brunei’s famous Kampong Ayer, which literally translates to Water Village. People have been living in the Kampong Ayer for more than a thousand years now, and the Brunei government considers the 42 water villages as an important part of their heritage.
  • Nature-lovers can visit Brunei’s Largest Lake, Tasek Merimbun, which was declared an ASEAN Heritage Park in 1984 after a white-collared fruit bat was discovered there.
  • The Ulu Temburong National Park is another spot that you can check out. It can only be reached by longboats from Bandar Seri Begawan and is also home to four hundred butterfly species.

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Angkor Wat

Visa-free Entry: 15 Days

Another Southeast Asian nation we Filipinos can visit without a visa is Cambodia. It’s known most for the Angkor Wat, but this country of over 15 million people also has other things it can offer to the Filipino traveler.


  • The Angkor Wat, which measures 162.6 hectares is the largest religious monument in the world. Built in the early 12th century, the temple has become a symbol of Cambodia and even appears on its national flag.
  • If you’re looking for good food while also looking to accomplish a good deed in the process, check out Sunrise New Hope restaurant. Established in 2010, the restaurant gives disadvantaged Khmers and former Khmer sex workers training to develop cooking and hospitality skills so they can look for better jobs.
  • Try shopping at the Siem Reap Night Market, where you’ll find deals on paintings, outfits, and even “fish pedicure” tanks that you can try out if you’re adventurous.

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Mount Bromo

Visa-free Entry: 30 Days

Indonesia is the world’s largest island country, with more than 13,000 islands, and with probably the same amount of sites and attractions to offer Filipinos bitten by the travel bug. Whether you’re looking for culture, art, or beautiful natural locations, Indonesia has something to offer.


  • Immerse yourself in Indonesia’s diverse culture with a visit to the Wayang Museum in Jakarta. Dedicated to the Javanese wayang puppetry, the museum has a collection of wayang and dolls from other countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Suriname, China, Vietnam,France, India and Cambodia.
  • If nature is more your thing, you can also check out Mount Bromo in East Java, Indonesia. This famous volcano is one of the region’s most visited natural wonders.
  • Filipinos who found the hanging coffins in Sagada fascinating may also want to check out the Tona Toraja funeral rites. Like the people of Sagada, they also have hanging coffins that house the remains of their departed family members.

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Luang Prabang

Visa-free Entry: 30 Days

Most Filipinos will know Laos mostly because it just recently hosted the 2016 ASEAN Summit. But the country also has plenty to offer beyond playing host to other world leaders.


  • Luang Prabang is a city in north central Laos that UNESCO has declared as a World Heritage Site. Thirty-three of the city’s 58 adjacent villages make up the World Heritage Site, and is noted for its unique and well-preserved architectural, religious, and cultural heritage.
  • Built in 1818, Wat Si Saket is probably the oldest buddhist temple still standing in Vientiane. The temple features a museum as well as a cloister wall that houses more than 2,000 ceramic and silver Buddha images.
  • Buddha park, which is operated by the government as a tourist attraction and public park, contains over 200 Hindu and Buddhist statues.

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George Town

Visa-free Entry: 14 Days

By this point, everybody’s already aware of Malaysia’s earworm of a tourism logo: “Malaysia Truly Asia”. But more than just humming that theme beneath our breath, visiting the country would definitely be a better use of our time, especially since we don’t need a visa.


  • George Town — not to be confused with Georgetown University — is the capital city of the Malaysian state of Penang and is also a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage City. Founded in 1786, the city has a number of heritage houses, and is also where the Penang Botanic Gardens is located.
  • If you love going to Baguio, then think of the Cameron Highlands as the Malaysian equivalent. It’s one of the oldest tourist spots in Malaysia, where you can see tea orchards as well as orchards, waterfalls, and even a mossy forest.
  • You can also check out the Turtle Islands National Park, known for its green turtles and hawksbill turtles which lay their eggs on the beaches of the islands.

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Kyaiktiyo Pagoda

Visa-free Entry: 14 Days

Myanmar is best known for democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi and her battle with the country’s long-ruling military junta. With Aug San Suu Kyi’s election as the country’s head of state, Myanmar is now also opening itself up to travelers.


  • Myanmar’s fourth largest city, Mawlamyine, has quite the literary past, having been mentioned in Rudyard Kipling’s poem “Mandalay” and George Orwell’s memoir, “Shooting an Elephant”. Mawlamyine is also home to the world’s largest reclining Buddha.
  • The Kyaiktiyo Pagoda is another location visitors to Myanmar should check out. Also known as the Golden Rock, the buddhist pilgrimage site is a small pagoda on top of a granite boulder covered with gold leaves pasted on by devotees. According to legend, the precariously balanced rock supposedly rests on a strand of the Buddha’s hair.
  • The Thanboddhay Pagoda in the city of Monwa dates from 1303, and houses more than 500,000 images of the Buddha. Aside for the Thanboddhay Pagoda, Monwa is also home to the Maha Bodhi Tahtaung Standing Buddha statue, the second-tallest statue in the world.

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Singapore Flyer

Visa-free Entry: 30 Days

The world’s only island city-state, Singapore is a popular destination for Filipinos. Because of the number of Filipinos living and working there, visits to the country are as much a chance to reconnect as to see the sights. And Singapore certainly has a number of sights to offer.


  • The most eye-catching of Singapore’s sights is the Singapore Flyer, a 165 meter Ferris Wheel. It first opened in 2008 and was the world’s tallest Ferris Wheel until 2014. The Singapore Flyer can seat up to 784 people in its 28 air-conditioned capsules.
  • The Peranakan museum specializes in Peranakan culture in 10 galleries, with a special exhibition gallery on the third level to specific-themed exhibitions. Peranakans are the descendants of Chinese who have immigrated to Singapore.
  • Singapore is proud of being a multicultural city, and proof of it is the number of different places of worship in the country. One eye-catching place is the Sri Mariammam Temple, which is Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple. The country considers it a national monument and is a major tourist attraction.

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Golden Palace

Visa-free Entry: 30 Days

The Kingdom of Thailand is the world’s 51st largest country by area, and it certainly has attractions as numerous as its huge area. It was the most visited country in Southeast Asia in 2013, for good reason. It has a number of historic, cultural, and natural sights sure to entice.


  • The Grand Palace in Bangkok is a definite must-see. Located in the heart of the city, it has been an official residence of the country’s kings, and is still used for official events.
  • Thailand is also known for its elephants, and there’s no better place to see these majestic creatures than in the Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand. It’s an elephant rescue and rehabilitation center where visitors can volunteer and visit to help.
  • The Vimanmek Mansion is also worth a look. A former royal villa, it is now a museum that pays tribute to King Rama V, who had rebuilt the house in the Dusit Palace in the 1900s. It is the world’s largest building made entirely of golden teak.

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Ha Long Bay

Visa-free Entry: 21 Days

For Filipinos of a certain age, Vietnam recalls the award-winning musical, Miss Saigon, which featured Filipina actress Lea Salonga. But for a lot of younger, globe-trotting Filipinos, Vietnam is a land of great bays and beaches, as well as of culture and history.


  • Try to visit the Water Puppet Theatre in Hanoi. The art of water puppets dates back to the 11th century, and has proven so fascinating that shows in the theatre sell out very quickly. It’s an hour-long show that features around 17-short sketches.
  • Another site that shouldn’t be missed is Ha Long Bay, named by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It’s 1,553 square kilometers, and has around 1,960 to 2,000 islets. Aside from boat tours, the region is also popular for scuba diving, rock climbing and hiking.
  • The Cu Chi Channels are something that history buffs can also check out. It’s comprised of more than 120 kilometers of tunnels, offering a glimpse into the life of Viet Cong fighters back during the Vietnam War.

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All of these are just the tip of what Filipinos can see in these countries. There’s still so much to explore in each of them, and with visa free entrance, you have at least 30 days to discover most of them. If you’re interested in visiting any of these countries, Traveloka has flight routes and hotel rooms in these countries, giving you the means to go visit and the assurance that you have a place to stay in.

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