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3D/2N Hong Kong Itinerary: What to See and Where to Go

Hong Kong has always been a go-to for Filipinos looking for a nearby international getaway, after all – there’s something for everyone to do!

If you’re headed there for the first time though, it may get intimidating to plan out an itinerary. No worries, we’ve got your back! Check out our three days and two nights (3d/2n) Hong Kong itinerary:


Victoria's Peak Hong Kong

  • Arrive at Hong Kong International Airport
  • Check in at your hotel in Hong Kong
  • Have lunch at Kam’s Roast Goose
  • This one star Michelin restaurant serves deliciously juicy roasted goose. It is made the traditional way by marination in a camp-style to keep the meat moist during roasting.

    There may be  a line at the door but your wait time is less than 30 minutes.

  • Visit Victoria’s Peak
  • From Victoria’s Peak, you get a bird’s eye panoramic view of Hong Kong City. It is a famous vantage point that has thousands of tourists flocking it daily.

    You can also take the 120-year old funicular railway, also known as the Peak Tram, to get there. You can book the Peak Tram tickets here.

  • Get snacks at KALA Toast
  • Kala Toast Has some of the most delicious toasts around. From savory eats to sweet treats, they will have it for you. They are best known for their grilled cheese toast and even went viral with their rainbow grilled toast!

  • Go to Star Ferry, Victoria Harbour & Symphony of Lights
  • These three famous Hong Kong tourist spots are in the same area. You can ride the star ferry to get a great view of the port area. It is also the best place to take pictures during sunset or in the evening.

    Victoria Harbour is bustling with life and has lots of places to look around in. However, the water-light spectacle, the Symphony of Lights, is what you should see.

  • Shop at Ladies Market
  • The Ladies Market is one of the busiest places come nightfall. You can find just about anything here and at a price that is friendly to a tight budget.

    There are also a lot of great street snacks to try and munch on during the late night shopping spree.


    DAY 2

    Hong Kong Disneyland
    Image credit: Wikicommons

  • Eat breakfast
  • Ride the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car
  • Spend a relaxing morning soaking up the views of Hong Kong via the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car. This brings you from downtown Tung Chung to Ngong Ping on Lantau Island and offers amazing views of the South China Sea and the North Lantau Country Park.

    Don’t forget to book tickets to Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car in advance to avoid long lines.

  • Try the Pineapple Bun and Egg Tart
  • These two snacks are the most popular and most iconic in Hong Kong. You shouldn’t leave the city without trying these delectable treats.

    Popular spots for these treats include Kam Wah Cafe for the Pineapple Bun and Lord Stow’s for Egg Tarts.

  • Explore Hong Kong Disneyland
  • This is an amusement park perfect for both adults and kids. You’ll be transported to different fantasy worlds within the Disney brand, watch amazing shows, eat yummy food, and ride tons of amusement park rides.

    There are so many things to do in the park that you can stay up until the evening fireworks show.

    Get your Hong Kong Disneyland tickets here.

  • Go to Temple Street Night Market
  • If you aren’t tired yet and want to experience some of the local shopping, head on to Temple Street. It is located near the Tin Hau temple and has an array of trinkets, souvenirs, tea wear, and more.


    DAY 3

    Old Town Central Art Walk

  • Grab breakfast in your hotel
  • Shopping Day
  • Explore Hong Kong’s shopping areas to your heart’s content. Make sure you have a rough shopping list so it is easy for you to find your way through the stores.

  • Eat at Sun Kee
  • You can get instant noodles just about anywhere, but Sun Kee took it to the next level by adding grilled pork cheek, creamy cheesy sauce, and perfectly al dente noodles.

    Don’t skip on this because you won’t get a chance to try it anywhere else.

  • Visit Murray House
  • Check out the Murray House, a Victorian-era building in Stanley. This was built in 1844 and used to be the officer’s quarters of the Murray Barracks.

    It was moved from the south of Hong Kong Island and is now an iconic and historical landmark. Currently, it is home to several restaurants and shops where you can buy souvenirs and art.

  • See the street art in Hong Kong
  • There is a lot of street art in Hong Kong if you know where to look. Artists have made the empty walls and plain buildings their canvasses and have created an urban gallery.

    You can explore the streets for wall art and take lots of Instagram-worthy photos too.

  • Hotel Check Out
  • Hong Kong Departure

    Hong Kong Budget


    1. Peak Tram and Sky Terrace Admission = HKD 99 for a return trip and HKD 84 for a single trip. For Kids, HKD 47 for a return trip and HKD 38 for a single trip.
    2. Disney Hong Kong Disneyland = HKD 619 for general admission, HKD 458 for children, and HKD 100 for senior citizens.
    3. Ngong Ping 360 = HKD 265 for adult, HKD 155 for children (up to 11 years old), and HKD 195 for senior citizens ( those aged 65 and up). Babies aged 0-2 years old can get in for free.


    1. Airport Express Train, Round Trip Ticket = HKD 117 round trip fare per person to Kowloon and back.
    2. Tourist Octopus Card = HKD 98 for regular Tourist Octopus Card. HKD 40 is enough top up value for the trip, but you can always add more.


    1. Hong Kong Food Budget = HKD 250 for roughly three days. You can budget more for food if you’d like to.
    2. Hong Kong Pocket WIFI = HKD 54 for three day rental. HKD 18 per day rental.
    3. Philippine Travel Tax = PHP 1,620 for outbound Philippine citizens.


    Important Tips

    • Change Money into US Dollars
    • No matter what currency you hold, in Asia it is best to convert your money into HKD using US Dollars. This is because it is easier to find money exchange shops that will convert the money into the local currency.

      It is also because there are great exchange rates for US Dollars in Hong Kong, as well.

    • Buy an Octopus Card
    • In Hong Kong, you can easily take a taxi or walk to you destination – but using public transport like the MTR will save you time and effort.

      Buy an “On-Loan” Octopus Card for a refundable HKD 50 and you can use it at the MTR, Star Ferry, Peak Tram, 7-Eleven Stores, and even McDonald’s. Best to purchase it at the Airport Express Station.

    • Carry an Umbrella
    • The weather in Hong Kong tends to be unpredictable so its better to be safe than sorry. The seaside city gets an average of 101 rainy days a year. But if it happens to be a sunny day, you could always use your umbrella for shade.

    • Don’t lose your Airport Express Train ticket/receipt
    • When you buy your Airport Express Train ticket/receipt, make sure you keep it with your important documents. You will be using the same ticket to ride the train going back. If you lose your ticket you will have to buy a new one. 

    • Bring your credit card for Emergencies
    • Although you may have a budget with you, it is good to have a credit card on hand just in case.


    Plan your Hong Kong itinerary without the hassle. Check out this ultimate guide to Hong Kong to know what to see and do.


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