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Multi-City Travel Itinerary for East Asia and Southeast Asia

Thanks to the growing variety of airline options available for travelers, air travel has never been this easy or affordable. And with airlines consistently offering promos and packages that make traveling hard to pass up, the option to go on a quick week-long getaway is finally within many people’s reach. This is especially true when it comes to regional destinations. 

Both Eastern Asia and Southeast Asia have a wealth of cultures and experiences just waiting to be discovered. With both regions offering accessible multi-city travel options that allow you to make the most out of your time in each country and take in all they have to offer. 

So if you’re looking to embark on a multi-city adventure in the near future, here’s our handy multi-city travel itinerary guide to two regions you shouldn’t pass up.

Eastern Asia

MNL > NRT > KIX > FUK > MNL (Manila, Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Manila)

Between amazing food, stunning sights, and unique attractions, Japan really does have everything a traveler would want out of an experience. There’s a reason why it’s consistently rated one of the best countries for travelers. There’s no shortage of things to marvel at or munch on, and for that reason, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t dig a little deeper than just visiting its famous capital.

East and Southeast Asia Itinerary 1

Day 1

  • Flight from Manila to Tokyo (NRT)
  • Get a 360-degree view of the city at Tokyo Skytree, Japan’s tallest structure and the tallest tower in the world. (JPY 3,100)
  • Get your seafood fix at the original Tsukiji Fish Market, where the outer market is still open to serve hungry customers. (JPY 1000)

Estimated Total: JPY 4,100 (PHP 2,008)

Day 2

  • Brave the crowds at the world’s busiest intersection, Tokyo’s iconic Shibuya Crossing. (Free)
  • Dinner at Midori Sushi in Shibuya, an amazing conveyor belt sushi restaurant where the fish is fresh and prices are surprisingly inexpensive. (JPY 1500)

Estimated Total: JPY 1,500 (PHP 734)

East and Southeast Asia Itinerary 2

Day 3

  • Flight from Tokyo to Osaka (KIX)
  • Visit Osaka Castle for a dose of ancient Japanese history. (JPY 600)
  • Food crawl on Dotonbori-dori, where you can try all of Osaka’s famous dishes like takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and kushikatsu in one go. (JPY 2000)

Estimated Total: JPY 2,600 (PHP 1,272)

Day 4

  • Take the train from Osaka to Kyoto (JPY 560)
  • Visit Fushimi Inari Shrine and take photos by its picturesque red gates. (Free)
  • Grab an eclectic selection of snacks and meals at Nishiki Market. (JPY 1,500)
  • Take the train back to Osaka (JPY 560)

Estimated Total: JPY 2,620 (PHP 1,282)

Day 5

  • Shop til you drops at Shinsaibashi, Osaka’s most popular shopping district. (JPY 1,500)
  • Grab dinner at Tempura Tarojiro for amazing tempura. (JPY 1,500)

Estimated Total: JPY 3,000 (PHP 1,468)

East and Southeast Asia Itinerary 3

Day 6

  • Flight from Osaka to Fukuoka
  • Spend the day in nature at Uminonakamichi Seaside Park where you can ride bikes and admire the beautiful flower-laden scenery. (JPY 450)
  • Grab dinner at Yoshizuka Unagiya, a restaurant dedicated to one dish: roasted unagi. (JPY 1,500)

Estimated Total: JPY 1,950 (PHP 954)

Day 7

  • Visit Kushida Shrine, a Shinto shrine dedicated to the deities Amaterasu and Susanoo. (Free) 
  • Cap the trip off at Ichiran Tenjin Nishidori with some lip-smackingly good tonkotsu ramen. (JPY 1,500)
  • Flight back to Manila

Estimated Total: JPY 1,500 (PHP 734)

Total Costs: JPY 17,270 (PHP 8,453)

Southeast Asia

MNL > SIN > KUL > CGK/DPS > MNL (Manila, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta/Bali, Manila)

Apart from their close proximity to each other, these Southeast Asian countries also boast a wide range of fun activities, amazing sights, and great food. They’re also our closest neighbors in the region, and it would be a shame if you didn’t immerse yourself in cultures when they’re so close to home (literally and figuratively). 

East and Southeast Asia Itinerary 4

Day 1

  • Flight from Manila to Singapore
  • Immerse yourself in nature at the stunning Gardens by the Bay. (SGD 28)
  • Get your fill of Hainanese chicken rice at one of the best hawkers in town, Maxwell Food Centre. (SGD 5)

Estimated Total: SGD 32 (PHP 1,238)

Day 2

  • Get your shop on at the famous Orchard Road. (SGD 30)
  • Dinner at Song Fa Ba Kut Teh to sample one of Singapore’s most popular dishes, bak kut teh. (SGD 6.50)

Estimated Total: SGD 36.50 (PHP 1,369)

East and Southeast Asia Itinerary 5

Day 3

  • Flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur
  • Get a jaw-dropping view of the city at what was once the tallest buildings in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers. (MYR 80)
  • Go on a food crawl at the ever-bustling Jalan Alor. (MYR 25)

Estimated Total: MYR 105 (PHP 1,305)

Day 4

  • Check out KL’s premier shopping district Bukit Bintang. (MYR 80)
  • Count how many birds you can spot at the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. (MYR 63)

Estimated Total: MYR 143 (PHP 1,776)

Day 5

  • Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta
  • Visit the National Museum for a dose of culture and Indonesian history. (IDR 10.000)
  • Dinner at Gulai Tikungan for authentic Indonesian fare. (IDR 50.000)

Estimated Total: IDR 60.000 (PHP 218)

East and Southeast Asia Itinerary 6

Day 6

  • Flight from Jakarta to Bali (Ubud)
  • Visit the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary and commune with nature. (IDR 50.000)
  • Grab dinner at Warung Garasi for some Balinese cuisine. (IDR 60.000)

Estimated Total: IDR 110.000 (PHP 400)

Day 7

  • Get your adrenaline going with a ride on the Terrace River Pool Swing. (IDR 150.000)
  • Cap off your trip to Bali at the amazing Balinese Home Cooking. (IDR 75.000)
  • Flight back to Manila

Estimated Total: IDR 225.000 (PHP 817)

Total Costs: PHP 7,123

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