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Best Hotels in La Union: Perfect for Meeting New Friends

Sun, surf and sand – these are just some of the things that keep people coming back to La Union. So much so, that some people who feel like they need to take a break from work or city life, don’t mind taking the trip solo.

But, some things are better enjoyed with company. If you’re looking to make new connections or to vibe with fellow travelers, then these are the best hotels in La Union for meeting new friends:

1. Flotsam and Jetsam Artist Beach Hostel

Flotsam and Jetsam

Everyday is a party at Flotsam and Jetsam! Dubbed the go-to for millennials, travelers and basically everyone who wants to head out to La Union choose to stay here.

Known as an artsy hostel with a fun-loving and easy-going manner, Flotsam and Jetsam Artist Beach Hostel lets visitors book a bed in one of their dormitories that’s been handcrafted by the locals using bamboo.

Flotsam has become a mecca for art, food and music lovers. From chill nights with relaxing music to full-blown parties with nothing but good vibes – Flotsam is definitely the place to be if you want to make new friends.

  • Rate: starts at PHP761.90
  • Location: 12500 MacArthur Highway, Urbiztondo, Urbiztondo, San Juan
  • Attractions nearby: Urbiztondo Beach, CSI City Mall La Union (3.68 km) and Bahay na Bato (20.81 km)
  • Why It’s Perfect for Meeting New Friends: Their dorm can house up to seven new individuals – that means, six other people you can be getting chummy with!

Book Flotsam and Jetsam Artist Beach Hostel here

2. Monaliza Beach Resort

Monaliza Beach Resort
Image Credit: Monaliza Surf Resort FB Page

Want to stay at La Union and be where all the action is? Monaliza Beach Resort is calling out your name, answer it and you’d be the lucky one bragging to your friends that you got to stay at this pioneer resort in San Juan, La Union.

It started in the year 1980 by the Luebben family and now, several decades later, it’s still opening its arms to aspiring surfers and even professional ones alike.

  • Rate: starts at PHP1,181.88
  • Location: National Highway, Barangay Urbiztondo, Urbiztondo, San Juan
  • Attractions nearby: Urbiztondo Beach, CSI City Mall La Union (3.61 km) and Bahay na Bato (20.89 km)
  • Why It’s Perfect for Meeting New Friends: Monaliza Beach Resort is the best spot for meeting people who love surfing! Whether you’ve pro or a beginner, you can ask for surf lessons by their very own Anthony Luebben, La Union’s Professional Surfer. Join a group lesson so you can make new friends while conquering the waves.

Book Monaliza Beach Resort here

3. Costa Villa Beach Resort

Costa Villa Beach Resort
Photo via Instagram: @darkwillow

Since Costa Villa Beach Resort is located in La Union’s prime spot, San Juan, you can be sure that you’ll have access to all the tourist-friendly activities that the city has to offer.

Of course, you can’t mention “surfing” without mentioning “La Union” in the same sentence, so if your main concern is proximity to the beach and privacy, you can’t go wrong with this resort!

Also, your booking includes a fully air-conditioned room, a private toilet and hot and cold shower. Also, cable TV channels for days when you’d rather stay in and enjoy a nice movie.

  • Rate: starts at PHP1,557
  • Location:Mac Arthur Highway, Urbiztondo, Urbiztondo, San Juan
  • Attractions nearby: Urbiztondo Beach, CSI City Mall La Union (3.73 km) and Bahay na Bato (20.76 km)
  • Why It’s Perfect for Meeting New Friends: Well-known for their accommodating staff, go and befriend their crew. Want to know the perfect spot to dine at? Ask the locals! They’d be more than willing to welcome you and tour you around their hometown.

Book Costa Villa Beach Resort here

4. Villas Buenavista Hotel and Restaurant

Villas Buenavista
Image Credit: Villas Buenavista Website

Known as a serene and quaint Mediterranean-style hotel, some rooms in Villas Buenavista feature a terrace or balcony – perfect for catching the sunrise while working on your poetry or catching up on your novel of the month.

  • Rate: starts at P3,724.00/night
  • Location:Ili Sur, Urbiztondo, San Juan
  • Attractions nearby: CSI City Mall La Union (4.84 km), Bahay na Bato (19.68 km) and Namacpacan Church (20.78 km)
  • Why It’s Perfect for Meeting New Friends: Since Villas Buenavista has a private beach available within the vicinity, you can simply put on your favorite swim wear, your best smile and strike up a conversation with fellow guests.

    If not at the pool, then maybe you can invite them to a game of beach volleyball. After that, you can cap off the day with a round of beer at Villas Buenavista’s in-house restaurant.

Book Villas Buenavista Hotel and Restaurant here

5. S.R. Paradise Resort

S.R. Paradise Resort
Image Credit: S.R. Paradise Resort Facebook Page

As the resort located between the boundary of Bauang and San Fernando La Union, S.R. Paradise Resort hotel’s amenities include free parking, air conditioned rooms, satellite TV and WiFi in every room.

If surfing isn’t your cup of tea, and you’re more into boat rides and fishing experience while meeting interesting people to swap life stories with, this accommodation is suited for you.

  • Rate: starts at P1,862.00/night
  • Location:Pagdalagan Sur, San Fernando City
  • Attractions nearby: CSI City Mall La Union (6.10 km), St. John The Baptist Parish (16.24 km) and Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Charity (28.43 km)
  • Why It’s Perfect for Meeting New Friends: If you’re more of an introvert who wants to socialize with fellow introverts, the in-house swimming pool within the vicinity makes this easier for you.

    Simply strike up a conversation with the people lounging around the pool. Ask about the book they’re reading or let them borrow your inflatable beach ball.

Book S.R. Paradise Resort here

6. Circle Hostel

Circle Hostel La Union

Circle Hostel caters to solo backpackers and group tourists who just want to chill at the beach and enjoy a relaxing stay in La Union.

They have 2 bunk rooms – one co-ed and one all-female dorm, hammocks and relaxing common area where you can just sit back and chillax.

  • Rate: starts at P500/night
  • Location: Brgy. Urbiztondo, Circle Road, La Union, San Juan
  • Attractions nearby: Urbiztondo Beach/San Juan Beach (400 meters)
  • Why It’s Perfect for Meeting New Friends: They share a firendly environement wherein guests are encouraged to join the “Circle” and get along with other travelers to expand their ‘circle’ of friends.

Looking forward to surfing the waves and making new friends? Book your La Union hotels now!


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