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9 Top Things to Do in La Union

Ready to hit the beach this summer or just want to unwind on a weekend? La Union is one of the best destinations in the north to soak up some sun or ride some waves. Located less than five hours away from the metro, there are many exciting things to do in La Union.

We list down some of the top activities you should try:


1. Go surfing

Poro Point

As the surfing capital of the North, it would be a great experience for you to enjoy the waves of La Union. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a pro, the beaches here have waves that are right for your skill level.

The most famous surfing spot, especially for beginners, is found in San Juan. For intermediate and advance surfers, you can head to Monaliza’s Point.

  • Location: San Juan
  • Fees: PHP 400/hour (inclusive of board rental and an instructor); PHP 200/hour (board rental only)
  • Tip: The surfing seasons are from July to September and November to March.


2. Stroll the botanical gardens

La Union is also known as the Garden Coast of the Philippines thanks to its beautiful botanical gardens. Make sure to drop by the La Union Botanical and Zoological Garden to discover some of the Philippine’s amazing plant and flower species. This scientific garden is said to be the first in the country.

  • Location: San Fernando
  • Tip: Explore the different gardens that were created for various purposes including the Shade garden for plants who love the shade and Medicinal garden for herbs and medicinal plants.


3. Visit Ma-Cho Temple

Ma Cho Temple
Located on a hill 70 feet above sea level, Ma-Cho Temple is a Taoist temple in La Union. It’s dedicated in honor of the sea goddess, Ma-Cho. Built in 1975, it faces the South China Sea.

What makes this temple all the more special aside from its intricate design and architecture is that it is considered the biggest Taoist temple outside of China.

  • Location: San Fernando
  • Fees: FREE
  • Tip: The temple is open from Monday to Friday at 9am to 5pm.


4. Explore Luna Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach

Known as the “pebble capital of the North,” the town of Luna is home to Luna Pebble beach. It is one of the most interesting places to visit in La Union becauses of its amazing pebbles that are also exported. This pebble-lined beach boasts of clean rounded pebbles as well as multi-colored ones.

  • Location: Luna
  • Fee: FREE
  • Tip: Check out Baluarte Watch Tower while you’re here.

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5. Hike to Tangadan Falls

Want to do another activity aside from surfing? Go flex those legs and hike to Tangadan Falls. This majestic waterfalls is located in the town of San Gabriel.

For those who want to enjoy the waterfalls without the hassle, you can choose to rent a motorbike going to the trailhead walk down the falls for around 10 minutes. But if you’re open to doing the more challenging route, you can do so from Barangay Duplas in San Juan. Be sure to get a guide.

  • Location: San Gabriel
  • Fee: PHP500/group; PHP30/person entrance fee
  • Tip: Join a group, especially if you’re a solo traveler or not more than three in a group, to minimize your expense.

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6. Pick grapes


If Baguio has its iconic strawberry picking activity, La Union has grapes you can harvest. This Instagram-worthy experience is fast becoming a famous thing to do when in La Union. Two of the most popular grape farms here are Lomboy Farm and Gapuz Grape Farms.

  • Location: Bauang
  • Fee: Lomboy Farm – PHP100/person entrance fee; PHP150/person grape picking
  • Tip: The best time for grape picking is from the end of March to May.

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7. View arts at the La Union Culture and Arts Gallery

Checking out artworks and masterpieces showcasing some of La Union’s rich culture and history is a great downtime activity in the province. The gallery is locally known as the “Silid ti Adal Ken Laing ti La Union.”

  • Location: San Fernando
  • Fee: FREE

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8. Learn about bees

Bee farm

Check out more things to do in La Union when you do a side trip to La Union Honeybee Center. This is a good way to learn about bees and maybe have a chance to get a close encounter with them. Honey production is a source of local livelihood in the province. When you visit the center, you’ll be given an orientation about beekeeping.

  • Location: Bacnotan
  • Tip: The center is a small one. Since honey production is complicated and long, supplies are limited.

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9. Go on a food trip

Halo Halo

A trip to La Union would not be complete without trying some of its local favorites like the Halo-Halo de Iloko. This famous Philippine dessert is made up of many ingredients like shaved ice, sweet beans, coconut, leche flan, evaporated milk and more.

There are also various hip restaurants you can try. One of the famous spots is the El Union coffee shop, which is lauded for serving the best coffee in La Union.

  • Tip: Ask the locals for the best places to eat.

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Enjoy a fun-filled La Union trip! Check out other tourist spots to visit, restaurants to try and more in La Union. Discover cheap La Union hotel deals and cheap flights from carriers like Philippine Airlines, AirAsia, and more with Traveloka!

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