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8 Must-Visit La Union Tourist Spots

La Union, also fondly called “Elyu” by locals and tourists, is a one of the popular destinations in the north for weekend warriors, surfers, and beach lovers. Whether you’re in for a chill trip; looking forward to catch some waves; or simply want to explore La Union’s best tourist spots, be sure to add this town in your bucket list.

Discover the popular attractions and landmarks in La Union that will make for a memorable vacation.

1. San Juan

San Juan Beach

A favorite among many tourists and locals, San Juan is considered the Surfing Capital of the North. The best time to go surfing here is from October to March, when the waves are really big and perfect for advanced surfers.

  • Type: Beach
  • Location: San Juan
  • Budget: PHP200-400, depends if you’re going to rent a surfboard only or also getting an instructor.
  • Activities: Surf, swim, chill by the beach, go on a food trip

2. Tangadan Falls

Tangadan Falls

Want to do another activity aside from surfing? Go flex those legs and hike to Tangadan Falls. This majestic waterfalls is located in the town of San Gabriel. Depending on your stamina, you’ll be able to reach Tangadan Falls in less than an hour of trekking.

  • Type: Waterfalls
  • Location: San Gabriel
  • Budget: PHP300 if you’re traveling with one buddy
  • Activities: Trek, cliff dive, swim

3. Baluarte Watch Tower

Built during the Spanish era, the “Baluarte” is a 5.6-meter watchtower that was used to warn locals of looters from neighboring countries. It was recently restored after being classified as a national treasure in 2014.

  • Type: Historical landmark
  • Location: Luna
  • Budget: FREE
  • Activities: Take pictures, walk along the shore, enjoy the view of the beach

4. Namacpacan Church

Namacpacan Church

Also known as St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish or The Shrine of Our Lady of Namacpacan, this church is one of La Union’s last remaining heritage sites and one of the National Museum of the Philippines’ National Cultural Treasure.

Namacpacan Church was built in 1690 and is located near the town plaza.

  • Type: Church
  • Location: Luna
  • Activities: Say a prayer for yourself and loved ones

5. Ma-Cho Temple

Ma Cho Temple

Believed to be the biggest Taoist temple outside of China, Ma-Cho Temple is sits on a hill 70 feet above sea level. This stunning architecture enjoys a front view of the South China Sea. The temple is open from Monday to Friday at 9am to 5pm.

  • Type: Temple
  • Location: San Fernando
  • Activities: Offer a prayer, enjoy the view

6. Bauang Beach

Enjoy the long stretch of fine sand and crystal clear water in Bauang Beach. It’s one of the best beaches in La Union to ride some waves, go beach bumming, or explore its rich marine life.

The beach is also a well-known spot for a lively nightlife. There are bars and restaurants where you can hang out with your group.

  • Type: Beach
  • Location: San Fernando
  • Budget: FREE if you’re not doing water related activities with fees
  • Activities: Swim, surf, snorkel

7. Grape Farms


A new type of tourist spot has emerged in La Union – grape farms. Since it’s a novel experience for Filipinos to see grapes being grown in a tropical environment, they instantly rose to fame thanks to the people going there and snapping pictures of themselves with the grapes.

  • Type: Farm
  • Location: Bauang
  • Budget: PHP300 if you plan on buying some grapes
  • Activities: Get IG-worthy selfies/stories of yourself picking grapes, eat yummy grapes

8. Bahay na Bato

[Update: Bahay na Bato is currently closed to the public.)

Bahay na Bato just recently became a tourist attraction in La Union. This privately owned rest house is made from the pebble stones found along Luna Pebble Beach, hence the “Bahay na Bato” moniker, which literally means stone house.

There is a gallery inside that features stone and wooden sculptures, made by Korean artist Bong Kim. The gallery is open daily from 6am to 8pm.

  • Type: Art Gallery
  • Location: Luna
  • Budget: The entrance fee is PHP 30 for the regular gallery. If you want to see their new 3D gallery, you’ll have to pay another fee.
  • Activities: Check out artworks, enjoy the view of the pebble beach

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