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24 Hours In Manila: Everything You Need to See, Eat & Do

If you have a whole day to spare in the colorful Philippine capital without any solid plans, what would you do? Though wasting a day at a decent airport hotel is always an option, it’s a better idea to venture out and explore. If you’re still unsure of where to go , here’s guide to make the most out of your 24 hours in Manila:

8:00 am Breakfast at Bean and Yolk

If it isn’t obvious, the restaurant specializes in eggs and coffee — all you need to make a good breakfast. While you’re here, make sure to order The Missus (P185), a sandwich made with two homemade chorizo patties, creamy scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, Sriracha mayo, arugula, caramelized onions, and brioche buns.

A mouthful (literally), but a delicious one for sure. Pair it with any of their specialty coffees like the Latte Gianduja, and you’re all set.

Address: Unit G6 Bel Air Soho Suites St., Polaris, Makati

10:00 am Get Cultured at the Ayala Museum

Whether you’re in Manila for the first time or not, it’s always a great idea to refresh yourself with history and the arts. The Ayala Museum is beautiful space in the middle of the Makati CBD where you can find a wide selection of archeological artifacts, trade ceramics from South East Asia and China, Indigenous Philippine textiles and more.

12:00 pm Lunch at Little Tokyo

Nothing hits the spot better than authentic Japanese food, and the top-of-mind choice will always be Little Tokyo. The collection of restaurants hidden in the backstreets of the Central Business District all have their best-sellers, but the easiest choice would be Izakaya Kikufuji.

If there, why not order their Chirashi Don (P520) which comes with free Spicy Tuna Salad, Miso Soup, and a drink. Of course, you can’t miss out on their famous Gyu-Kushi sticks (P125), delicious cubes of marbled beef that melt in your mouth.

3:00 pm Bargain Hunting at the Greenhills Tiangge

You’ll be extremely full at this point so why not walk it off with some shopping? If you’re on the hunt for the best bargains, then the Tiangge at Greenhills San Juan is just your place.

Here you’ll find things like knock-off bags, Persian carpets, cultured pearls, local fabrics, and almost anything under the sun. Remember, the display price is never the final price — bargain as hard as you can (within reason).

7:00 pm Dinner at Locavore

For dinner, you can’t go wrong with a Filipino feast and nobody does it better than Locavore. Their modern twists on well-loved Pinoy classics will catch you off guard in the best way possible. Best dishes to order include the Sizzling Sinigang (P475), Fried Oyster Sisig (P350), and the Pandesal Pudding (P165).

9:00 pm Chill Drinks at Yes Please

Yes Please is one of the newest hot-spots to hit the bar scene and it does not disappoint. Complete with neon signs, graffitied walls, a foosball table and the perfect mix of ‘90s-2000’s hits, this new boutique bar will charm you like no other bar can.

Order any of their drinks such as the Fro-yay (P350), the Mighty Mouse Club (P440), or the Devon Sawa (P350).

12:00 am Party at Black Market

Since you’ve already had your pre-game, it’s time to head out to Black Market where the party is a little wilder. Listen to music by the country’s best DJs and dance against hundreds of sweaty strangers.

The novelty of Black Market is in its “underground” feel, though it’s been in operation for a couple of years already, the crowd still keeps coming back. You’ll understand why.

3:00 am Recover at Goto Monster

After all that partying, it’s time to slow down and stop that hangover before it begins. The best cure for all the aches and pains (physical and beyond) is found in a steaming bowl of Goto (P75) from the Goto Monster.

Their version includes the staple toppings — tripe, scallions, egg, garlic flakes — but with the surprise addition of Tinapa to add that extra kick of flavor. Pair this with a side order of Deep Fried Tokwa + Bagnet (P95), and you’ll instantly feel brand new.

4:00 am Catch a movie at Newport Cinemas

Since you have a little more time to spare, and you’re probably drained at this point, watching a movie on a plush Lazy Boy chair is just the thing you need. Thankfully, the cinemas at Newport Mall are open for 24 hours on weekends for the night owls who want to catch the latest movies.

6:00 am Head back to the airport

By this point, you’re probably struggling to keep your eyes open. Luckily, if you’re on your way to the airport, gates open at least two hours before the time of departure. Now’s a good time to head back, check-in, and prepare yourself for a good sleep on your flight out.

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