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Argentina Visa Now Easier for Filipinos to Get

Filipinos looking to apply for an Argentine visa will be happy to know that there is a new and easier way to acquire it. The primary requirement? They should be holding a non-immigrant B2 US visa.

The Argentine government has provided several countries, the Philippines included, with more convenient access to their visa.

Argentina’s Resolution 33/2019 was released last February 12 and announced the Philippines’ addition to the South American country’s Autorizacion Electronica de Viajes (AVE) system.

Through the AVE system, Filipinos can complete their Argentine visa application via the National Directorate for Migration’s website.

The Philippine Embassy said Wednesday,

“The inclusion of the Philippines on this list is seen to increase tourism and people-to-people exchanges, especially as more Filipinos develop a taste for traveling to new destinations.”

China was the first country to have been granted the opportunity to access the Argentine visa through the AVE system.


Iguazu Falls Argentina
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Must-visit attractions in Argentina include the stunning Iguazu Falls, the snow-covered Los Glaciares, and the pristine lakes and mountains of Bariloche.

On the other hand, Argentine’s planning to visit the Philippines can enjoy visa-free access for no more than 30 days.

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