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Snow in Laguna? Check out the UP Los Baños Cotton Tree!

Can’t afford flying to Japan to see the fascinating cherry blossoms ? Fret not. Only a two-hour drive away from Manila, a kapok (or American cotton tree) in UP Los Baños could be an equally charming alternative. It doesn’t happen all the time so grab this awesome chance to visit the place now!

From afar, you’d think it was snowing! Just look at how awesome the floating cotton are:

Video Credit : Jerard Eusebio

This beautiful display usually happens between March and mid-April. A bit of friendly advice though: if you have asthma or allergic rhinitis, make sure to bring a face mask.

UPLB is undoubtedly a tree haven. Aside from the must-see kapok, other iconic trees can be found in the campus. There’s the picture-perfect Fertility Tree, a beautiful acacia standing in front of the Freedom Park.

Also hard to miss is the leaning dao, an almost century-old tree beside the Student Union building. Of course, how can one forget the towering lines of royal palm trees and pili trees in the campus?

Los Baños is perfect for nature lovers. While there, you can hike Mount Makiling and visit Mudsprings, the so-called crater with boiling mud. The Makiling Botanical Garden boasts a number of native tree species that are mesmerizing to see.

Complete your visit by trying the pasalubong-worthy buko pie from The Famous Orient (D’Original) and the toothsome chocolate cake from Mer-Nel’s.

When looking for budget-friendly hotels in Los Baños, make sure to #BookItWithTraveloka!

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