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2018’s Top 20 Most Visited Cities in the World

Based on Mastercard’s Global Destination Cities Index, Bangkok welcomed more than 20 million visitors last year thus making it the most visited city in the world. Following close behind are London (19.8 million), Paris (17.4 million), Dubai, Singapore, and New York.

Wat Ratchanatdaram Temple in Bangkok

Slipping down the list of the world’s most visited cities is South Korea. This pushes cities like Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, and Istanbul up the list which takes into consideration the cities’ robust infrastructure, both business and leisure attractions and strong local culture.

Here’s a full run down of all 20 cities:

Rank City Country Approximate Number of Tourists
1 Bangkok Thailand 20.05 Million
2 London United Kingdom 19.83 Million
3 Paris France 17.44 Million
4 Dubai United Arab Emirates 15.79 Million
5 Singapore Singapore 13.91 Million
6 New York United States 13.13 Million
7 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 12.58 Million
8 Tokyo Japan 11.93 Million
9 Istanbul Turkey 10.70 Million
10 Seoul South Korea 9.54 Million
11 Antalya Turkey 9.42 Million
12 Phuket Thailand 9.29 Million
13 Mecca Saudi Arabia 9.18 Million
14 Hong Kong China 9.03 Million
15 Milan Italy 8.81 Million
16 Palma de Mallorca Spain 8.78 Million
17 Barcelona Spain 8.69 Million
18 Pattaya Thailand 8.67 Million
19 Osaka Japan 8.42 Million
20 Bali Indonesia 8.30 Million


With Pattaya and Phuket on the list alongside Bangkok, it comes as no surprise as to why Thailand’s tourists have increased by 122 percent since 2010 per the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

Visitors have drastically increased from 15.9 million to 35.4 million, making the Land of Smiles the 10th most visited nation on Earth.

Floating Market in Bangkok

Going back to the list though, cities that have dropped out of the top 20 include Prague, Vienna, Shanghai, Amsterdam, Rome, Madrid, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, and Beijing. On the other hand, newcomers to the list include Pattaya, Palma de Mallorca, Mecca, Phuket, and Antalya.

As for most visited countries in the world, European gems have currently beaten the emerging Asian destinations that many tourists have been flocking to recently.

The European countries that have garnered the most visitors include France, Spain, Italy, the UK, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Greece, Russia, Poland, and the Netherlands.

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