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Boracay Has a New Entry Process – Here’s What You Need to Know

Boracay is about to reopen and everyone is geared up to visit its sandy shores and blue waters! But before you do, here’s what you need to know about the island’s new entrance process:

Boracay New Entry Process


1. Caticlan Jetty Port as the sole entry and exit point

Effective October 15, 2018, Caticlan Jetty Port will serve as the only point of entry and exit for visitors, employees, and even residents. This is primarily because Boracay’s main road is still under construction.

According to Jetty Port Administrator Niven Maquirang, all guests coming to the island will have to park their vehicles at Caticlan’s reclamation area. From there, they’ll take a short walk to the port. In addition, the welcome center in Caticlan will be closed until further notice.

2. Verification booths for hotel guests

Before entering the island, tourists will have to show their hotel booking confirmation at designated verification booths installed by the interagency government.

There will be verification booths at both the Kalibo and Caticlan airports. Meanwhile, tourists and visitors coming from Iloilo and Aklan will have to present their booking confirmation at the verification booth in Caticlan Jetty Port.

Only guests of DOT-accredited resorts and hotels will be allowed to enter the island.

This verification process allows the task force to strictly monitor the number of visitors coming in, ensuring that it will not exceed the island’s carrying capacity of up to 6,405 visitors daily.

3. Drop-off and pick-up points for guests on the island


After going through the verification booth, guests will take a boat ride to the island. Refer to the table below to know the drop-off points based your hotel’s location:

Location Drop-Off/ Pick-up Point
Station 1 Boracay Terraces Resort
Station 2 Henann Regency Resort and Spa
Station 3 Casa Pilar

Hotel shuttles are allowed to pick-up and drop-off guests at the beachfront. Also, note that the docking time is from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM only. Late arrivals and departures should be coordinated with the Philippine Coast Guard and the administration of the Caticlan Jetty Port.


Workers of Boracay’s many establishments will be dropped off at the Manoc Manoc Cargo Port, located behind the Barangay Hall. Caticlan Jetty Port requires that all Boracay employees have a terminal pass ID.

To get one, employees must submit the following:

  • Filled out application form
  • Original and photocopy of Public Employment Service Office (PESO) certificate
  • Original and photocopy of Certificate of Employment
  • Photocopy of company ID
  • Photocopy of SSS, UMID, or TIN ID
  • Two (2) pieces of 1×1 photo
  • A payment of P100


If you live on the island, Cagban Jetty Port is the designated drop-off point for you.


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