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Work and Travel by Applying for a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa

Applying for work while on a holiday in New Zealand will soon become a reality. Filipinos can start applying for a New Zealand working holiday visa on February 7,2019 (5AM onward).

The visa allows Filipinos to work in New Zealand for at most a year or study for up to six months. But before you get too excited, make sure to follow and complete the requirements below:

  • You should be a citizen of the Philippines.
  • You have at least NZ $4,200 (approximately US $2,850 or PHP150,400).
  • You must have a travel ticket going and out of New Zealand and enough money for living costs to spend.
  • You must obtain a good medical insurance for the length of your stay.


Important Reminders

1. Applications should only be done online.
2. Create Your INZ Online Services account.
3. You shouldn’t have a permanent job with the same employer for more than three months.
4. You can’t bring children on a working holiday.
5. If your partner or a relative wants to come to New Zealand, they have to apply for their own visa.

Take advantage of this opportunity to apply for work or study in New Zealand while on holiday.

The country is overflowing with stunning views and spectacular attractions (read: the Lord of the Rings tours), you might never want to leave.


Tourist Spots to Explore

Southern Lights

  • Visit the Waitomo Cave in North Island and be fascinated by the ancient subterranean world. Get ready to be wowed by the cave’s amazing limestone formations well lit by thousands of glowworms.
  • See the Southern Lights! True, Iceland has the popular Northern Lights that’s on everyone’s bucket list. New Zealand, however, is not exactly far behind when it comes to spectacular nighttime shows in the sky. Here, they call it Aurora Australis or the Southern Lights.
  • Brave the bungee jump! In case you haven’t heard, the country is the first one to commercialize bungee jumping. A short distance away from Queenstown, the Kawarau Suspension Bridge is where you take the big plunge to adventure.
  • Trek at Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Definitely a must-try, the trek takes about nine hours. But you hardly notice that thanks to the stunning landscapes that greet you along the way.
  • Dig your own spa pool by the beach. Hot Water Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula is like a fusion of a beach and a Jacuzzi. Go figure.


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