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Massive North Korea Beach Resort Almost Ready for its Grand Opening

According to reports by a US monitoring body, the massive North Korea beach resort in the Wonsan-Kalma Peninsula is nearing completion.

The new holiday resort will reportedly feature a sprawling three-mile stretch of beach, over 170 structures, a grand pyramid-shaped hotel with luxury villas, and even a man-made lake. It aims to attract more tourists from its neighboring countries as well as locals.

Satellite images reveal the breakneck progress of the development, which now houses waterslides, an arcade, and its own cinema. The new resort is located in an area which was formerly used for artillery drills and missile launches.

Wonsan Kalma Construction Site
Image Credit: @DailyNKEnglish via Facebook

North Korea’s President, Kim Jong Un, first announced his goal to build a world-class holiday resort during his annual New Year’s speech. It was then that he communicated his desire to develop his country’s tourism industry, which consequently is not targeted by US sanctions.

Based on time lapse images provided, it seems like construction began speeding up as soon as the president finished his address to the nation. The resort is now tens of storey’s high, and could house thousands of guests.

Last July 2017, the resort was only composed of a few low-rise buildings near the airport. In just less than a year, the beachfront property has evolved into a massive complex that could rival some of the world’s most popular resort chains.

Wonsan-Kalma is apparently where Kim Jong Un spent his summer as child, which explains his adamance about making his vision come to life.

Aside from the area’s beaches, the region also has a ski resort and a lake, making it a source of national pride.

The resort is scheduled for its grand opening in October, during the country’s 74th anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

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