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PAL Considers Reopening Commercial Flights to Baguio’s Loakan Airport

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) is willing to reopen their Manila-Baguio commercial flights once given the green light.

The Loakan Airport, which was classified as a class 2 minor domestic airport by CAAP, has been closed for over a decade due to frequent low visibility along with other safety issues.

For years, commercial operators have attempted to revive the Baguio airport to no official avail. Until last 2018, when the local legislative body requested national officials to fast track its rehabilitation.

The CAAP, together with the Cordillera office of the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) have been coordinating on the upgrade and modernization of the airport to prepare it for commercial flights.

A fund of P420 million was originally requested by the Cordillera Regional Development Council, but recent reports state that it would only cost approximately P50 million.

Loakan Airport Runway Baguio
Arrival Runway 2009, Kennon Road and Baguio Runway 2007 – Image Credit: @tonetcarlo

The Loakan Airport served as the only main aviation hub serving the general area of Baguio since 1934. Seventy-eight years ago in 1941, using a small twin engine aircraft, PAL landed its maiden flight in the Baguio Airport.

Once the airport reopens for commercial flights, the Department of Tourism is hopeful that it will result to a decrease the number of vehicles and volume of traffic in the city. In addition, the cut in travel time will encourage more tourists to visit.

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