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Philippines to Continue Experiencing Cold Weather in February

For the past few weeks, Manila and other parts of the country have been experiencing cooler temperatures especially during mornings and early evenings. According to the state weather bureau, the Philippine cold weather will continue on until the rest of February.

Reports from PAG-ASA state that the lowest temperature in Metro Manila so far has been 19°C, which was recorded last January 18.

The weather bureau predicts that the temperature may still dip to a low of 18.4 degrees. Up north, the Summer Capital has been experiencing a low of 9.8°C.

Filipinos, who are typically used to humidity, are welcoming the Baguio-like weather, which is caused by the surge of cold northeast monsoon winds or what we know as Amihan.

Ayala Triangle Makati City
Editorial Credit: Tupungato /

The northeast winds have been prevailing over the country causing cloudy skies and scattered rain shower in the Cordillera Administrative Region, Cagayan Valley, Caraga, Davao, and other provinces.

Meanwhile, parts of Mindanao have been experiencing heavy rains because of a tail end of a cold front, which is the interaction of cold air from the Amihan winds and the warm air from the Pacific Ocean.

The country has been experiencing fairer weather since the beginning of Amihan last October 2018.

The term monsoon or Amihan refers to the shift of rain and wind patterns over Southeast Asia and the Indian Subcontinent.

In Asia, there are two types of monsoons; the “wet monsoon”, which is brought about by the winds from the southwest and happens between May and September; and the “dry monsoon”, which comes from the northeast, and happens between October and April.

In the Philippines, we experience a drop of temperature from the months of November to February due to the northeast monsoon which forms over Siberia, Mongolia, and China.

Loving the cold weather? Pack your sweaters and head over to Baguio for a cool vacation!

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