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Cherry Blossom Trees Blooming in Puerto Princesa

The Cherry Blossoms is an iconic springtime image often associated with Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. But if you don’t have the funds to fly out of the country, then don’t worry – all you have to do is book a flight to Puerto Princesa!

The Balayong Tree, also known as the “Palawan Cherry Tree”, is native to Puerto Princesa. While it resembles the Sakura tree in appearance, is it actually closer in species to other local trees like the Acacia and the Narra.

Philippine Cherry Blossoms
Image Credit: DOT Mimaropa /

Photos of the “Philippine Cherry Blossoms” have only gone viral on social media recently, but residents of Puerto Princesa have been enjoying the sight of the blooming season for as long as they could remember.

In fact, a park that resembles the sakura gardens of Japan was recently constructed, and will be fully grown in a few year’s time.

Palawan Cherry Blossoms
Image Credit: TravelinPalawan /

A budget of P250 million was allocated for the Balayong Tree Park in hopes of boosting the province’s tourism industry.

Closer by in Cavite, students and visitors of the De La Salle University campus can appreciate views of this local wonder.

Other efforts to mimic the popular Japanese flower viewing tradition have also been done in other parts of the country. Last 2016, more than 30 cherry blossom seeds were planted in Benguet, and are expected to bear fruit by this year.


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