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Subic Airport to Add International Commercial Flights After Renovation

The Subic Bay International Airport (SBIA) is set for a multi-million-dollar rehabilitation program to restore it back to its former glory as a major port for international commercial flights.

According to a report, the government is planning to allot a total of P502 million to upgrade the airport’s existing instruments and technologies.

Aside from the total renovation, the airport will also need an overhaul of equipment such as new x-rays, ambulances, flight information display systems, CCTVs and more.

Funds for this project will come from the Procurement Service of the Department of Budget and Management. Estimate budget for the equipment is said to be over P200 million.

Subic Bay airport
Image credit: David Madrid

While the rehabilitation program has yet to break ground, efforts have already been made by the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority.

A brand new Automated Weather Observation System has recently been installed in the airport, using this authorities will be able to track the weather conditions in real-time.

Once the repairs and upgrades have been finalized, SBAI will be fully capable of accommodating large numbers of passengers and all kinds of commercial aircraft’s.

The airport had previously served as a major diversion point for thousands of passengers during the 2007 storm, proving its potential to be one of the top international airports in the country.

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