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Tokyo 2020 Olympics Schedule Finally Revealed

Mark your calendars for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan! The Olympic Games, which is held every four years, is scheduled for its opening ceremony in less than a year and a half from now.

According to a schedule released by the organizing committee, the opening ceremony is set for July 24, 2020, while the closing ceremony is scheduled on August 6, 2020.

Preliminary games will begin with football and softball on July 22, while other sports events like archery and rowing will kick off on the day of the ceremonies.

Meanwhile, the opening ceremony for the Paralympics is set for August 25, with competitions beginning the day after.

Check out the schedule below:

2020 Olympics Schedule
Olympic Competition Schedule

The main Olympic program will have a record-breaking total of 33 sports and 339 events, with five new sports recently added.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) approved the addition of Baseball/Softball, Karate, Skateboarding, Sport Climbing, and Surfing; which adds to 18 new events and 474 more athletes in this Olympics.

In order to make the 2020 Olympics accessible to more people, a wide range of ticket prices will be released. Half of the prices are estimated to be sold at 8,000 JPY (less than P4,000) or less. Japanese families with young children and senior citizens are entitled to tickets priced at 2,020 JPY.

Japan won their bid to host the Olympics last 2013, beating out other hopefuls like Spain and Turkey. Tokyo is the first Asian city to have the privilege of hosting the Olympics twice, with the last one being the 1964 games.

For the complete schedule of games, click here.

The 2020 Olympics will be the country’s 4th time to host, Sapporo and Nagano hosted the 1972 and 1998 Winter Games, respectively.


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