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Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market Closed & Replaced with Toyosu Fish Market

Last October 6, 2018, Tokyo’s historic Tsukiji Market closed its doors for good. While some say that the closing was long overdue because of outdated hygiene practices and fire regulations, many of who’ve set-up shop and who’ve grown up with the establishment still found it difficult to say good-bye, especially since the market’s been around for 83 years.

Tsukiji Market

Known as the Kitchen of Japan, Tsukiji market was home to fish vendors who’d be up and selling their products before the crack of dawn.

Now, they’ll be opening up shop a few kilometers away at Toyosu market which is not only double the size of Tsukiji, but also boasts of state-of-the-art refrigeration facilities.

While this may sound like good news, the vendors have expressed their concerns over possibly losing their current clientele.

Apparently, the new market is too far for their customers to get to – so the latter may opt to get products from other establishments that are closer to them.

Even then, on October 11, it was back to business for several chefs, vendors and buyers as the pre-dawn tuna auction took place at Toyosu market.

As usual, a whole, frozen tuna was laid on the floor, the bells were rung to signal the start of the auction and shouts from the crowd were heard in a language that is only understood by

While the inside area of Tsukiji market has been closed down, the outer portion remains operational with more than 300 stalls and shops that continue to draw in locals and tourists.

By 2020, the entire market will be demolished and lined up with traps and fences to get rid of the rodents that have infested the area.

This is line with the government’s initiative to convert the area into an outdoor parking lot for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


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