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Good News! Filipinos Can Now Enter Kazakhstan Visa-Free!

Central Asia seems to be an unpopular destination for a vacation, especially for Filipinos. Given the distance, their flights have to cover and the visa application they have to undergo, most travelers prefer to visit Europe instead. This is why up until today, the wonders of this particular region remain a secret to many.

This may not be the case after Kazakhstan added 12 countries—including the Philippines—to the list of states whose citizens are allowed visa-free entry into the country. Philippine passport holders are allowed to stay in Kazakhstan for no more than 30 days from the moment of arrival.

Ak Orda Presidential Palace
Ak Orda Presidential Palace in Astana, Kazakhstan

Effective since September 30, 2019, this resolution was announced by the official representative of Kazakhstan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Aibek Smadiyarov. It aims to boost the local tourism industry as well as encourage more foreign businessmen to bring quality investments to the republic.

The other 11 countries include Bahrain, Colombia, Indonesia, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vatican City, and Vietnam.

What You Need to Know before Booking Your Trip

To make your Kazakh trip hassle-free, here are some things you should carefully observe:

1. Immigration form

Just like when entering any foreign country, you will be asked to fill out an immigration form. The authorities will stamp it twice; the second one serves as the proof of your police registration. Make sure that you have the second stamp. Otherwise, you might need to visit the migration police station within five days of your arrival to get it.

Losing the immigration card will require you to pay a fine. Meanwhile, showing the card with just a single stamp could get you into trouble.

2. Travel insurance

Kazakhstan is relatively safe, but if you want to guarantee better security, it’s best to get travel insurance. Look for an insurance company that offers unlimited medical coverage, or one that covers a heap of adventure activities.

3. Visa extension

Exiting and re-entering Kazakhstan on the same day renews your visa. This is the trick you can do if 30 days is not enough for you to explore the country.

However, for Filipinos, all countries surrounding Kazakhstan don’t permit a visa-free entry yet. If you’re planning to follow the previously mentioned tip, you still have to apply for a visa to the country you’re planning to cross the border of.

Almaty, Kazakhstan
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Inspired enough to visit Kazakhstan? We recommend booking a flight to Almaty. The fares are more affordable, plus, there are more attractions to see there. Expect a couple of hiking activities and friendly locals who will invite you to join a quick vodka session.

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