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Boracay Island to Reopen Doors to Tourists on October

It’s almost been three months since the world’s best beach closed its doors to tourists, but good news has come at last!

If you’ve been constantly asking, “When will Boracay open?“, then you’d be glad to know that Boracay is slated to reopen its doors on October 26, 2018. But there’s a catch – only establishments that have complied with the governments regulations in an effort to rehabilitate the island, will be allowed to start up operations.

During a press conference, Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu has announced that only 90 out of the island’s 296 establishments have complied with the regulations.

It was also revealed that a five- kilometer highway covering parts of Bulabog beach had already begun, and that the island’s water quality has been improving.

Boracay’s white beach water, which was formerly contaminated with sewage, has now been declared safe for swimming and for other water activities. However, the same cannot be said for Bulabog beach as drainage construction in the area is still underway.

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