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10 Best Restaurants in Puerto Galera

With lots of restos and a vibrant night life, you won’t be missing out on any of the good food that Puerto Galera has to offer. From local cuisine to international flavors, these restaurants have got you covered. Make sure to check out any of these best restaurants in Puerto Galera for a great food experience.

1. Luca’s Cucina Italiana

Luca's Cucina Italiana
  • Location: Talipanan Beach
  • Type: Classic, Authentic Italian
  • Reservations: Available
  • Budget for one: P140 to P175
  • Open Hours: 7am to 10:30pm
  • What to eat: Seafood Pizza, Seafood Marinara, Luca’s Pizza, Spicy Puttanesca
  • Insider info: The Fried Mozzarella with sweet potato fries can pass up as a viand of its own because the sticks are cut into big chunks instead. Ask for ketchup, as they don’t provide marinara sauce to dip it in.
  • Contact Details:
    Phone: +639164175125 / +639177925263
    Facebook: @Lucas-Cucina-Italiana-Talipanan-Beach-Puerto-Galera

Take advantage of Puerto Galera’s thriving beach and coastal scene by indulging in authentic Italian food that generously serves seafood in every dish, at an affordable price range!

Luca’s Cucina Italiana is almost a Puerto Galera staple for many tourists who come and go every year. Founded by Italian expat Luca and his wife Anabelle, you won’t have any trouble getting here because almost all the tricycle drivers know exactly where to go. It’s that famous!

2. Coco Aroma

  • Location: White Beach, San Isidro (between Sunset at Aninuan and Sea View Divers)
  • Type: Filipino style food, “Pulutan” (Bar Chow) and Alcoholic Beverages
  • Reservations: Available
  • Budget for one: Prices for dishes start at P120 to P200
  • Open Hours: 7am to 2am
  • What to eat: Choco-Banana Pancake, Curry dishes, Pancit, Coffee Barako, Bottomless Margaritas, Coco Aroma Sling
  • Insider Info: Order the Choco-Banana pancake with their “kapeng Barako” to go along with and be amazed at the symphony of flavors.
  • Contact Details:
    Phone/Mobile: +63 9166167337, +63 9194728882, +63 9232187399
    Email: [email protected]
    Facebook: @cocoaroma

If you want to detach yourself from the tourist mayhem that is constantly keeping the party scene alive in Puerto Galera’s white sandy beaches, but you still want to enjoy the scenery and the vibe, try eating (and staying!) at Coco Aroma. Founded by Cora and Joel M. de Veyra, Coco Aroma is divided into two areas, one is the restobar while the other contains cottages.

The vibe in this part of Mindoro is more slow-paced and chill. There’s reggae on repeat, musicians jamming like Bob Marley, hammocks adorn every part of the lodging, and it’s so exclusive that there are only 5 rooms available to stay in! But you need not book a cottage to eat at the restobar—just pick a spot by the nipa cabanas and enjoy the night with great food, wonderful people, and quality drinks.

3. Big Apple Bar

Big Apple Bar
  • Location: Sabang Beach Walk, Sabang Beach, (Sabang Ferr Terminal and Dive VIP)
  • Type: Bar, Cocktails, and a mix of American and Pinoy Food
  • Reservations: Available
  • Budget for one: P200 to P300 per head for food, P150 to P300 per for drinks
  • Open Hours: 24 hours
  • What to eat: Fresh oven baked pizzas (Big Apple Diver’s Pizza and Napolitana), All-day Breakfast Platters, Barbeque Specials
  • Insider info: Order the bar chow and drinks first, before you move on to the food, to get the best experience!
  • Contact Details:
    Phone number: +63 43 2873134, +63 2 8922660 (Makati office)
    Email: [email protected]
    Facebook: @divebigapple

They’re named after the City that Never Sleeps for a reason! Big Apple Restobar is a great place to hang out if you’re single ready to mingle, or if you just want to be surrounded by the atmosphere of sports-lovers and bar enthusiasts.

They have your typical sports bar fixtures, with games constantly playing on the giant TV, while the bartenders are ready to take any and all of your orders from dusk till dawn! You may even make a new friend or two, since so many people come here to relax and have a good time.

4. Tamarind Restaurant

  • Location: Along the coast of Sabang Beach, near Bellevue Cottages
  • Type: Specialized Filipino food with international options
  • Reservations: Available
  • Budget for one: P150 to P300
  • Open hours: 8am to 10:30pm
  • What to eat: Grilled shrimp with mixed veggies, Grilled porkchop, Green Chicken curry, Pork Ribs; Carabao steak, Prawns ala Tamarind marinade, Special Tamarind Sling drink
  • Insider info: Many visitors say this is a great place to have, if not the BEST place, to get a cold beer!
  • Contact details:
    Phone: +63 43 2873085
    Facebook: @Tamarind-Restaurant

This open-aired restaurant has been in service since 1981, and has continued to serve tourists and locals alike with delicious barbeque that attracts customers from every end of Sabang Beach. In fact, their reputation was built on their sumptuous grilled items, including pork ribs and steaks and grilled seafood. Servings are huge, rice is generous, and Tamarind opens up to a great alcoholic menu selection as soon as night hits the beach!

5. Verde Divers White Beach

Verde Divers White Beach
  • Location: Dulangan Road, White Beach
  • Type: Homemade food, Western-style food
  • Reservations: Not available
  • Budget for one: P250 to P320
  • Open hours: 9am to 7pm
  • What to eat: Hawaiian Pizza, All-day breakfasts (Germany style)
  • Insider info: Eat here before renting our diving or scuba equipment—they have large servings, perfect to fuel your swim!
  • Contact Details:
    Phone: +63 999095742, +63 9063529489, +63 9199139389
    Facebook: @verdedivers

Expat Stefan fell in love with the Philippines, deciding to stay behind and make a life by the sandy shores of Puerto Galera. His way to give back to the country is through the restaurant cum diving shop, Verde Divers White Beach.

It makes sense to serve delicious food to customers who come for a day of intense diving and swimming, right? And while the restaurant is not as attention-catching in its exterior as the diving shop is, you can’t mistake the aroma of freshly cooked food in the air when you pass by.

6. Capt’n Greggs Restaurant

  • Location: 2nd floor of Capt’n Greggs Dive Resort
  • Type: International, Western-type comfort food, Bar chow, Beach food
  • Reservations: Available
  • Budget for one: P150 to P300
  • Open Hours: 7am to 9pm
  • What to eat: American Breakfast, Nightly barbeques, Freshly made hamburgers, All-day breakfasts
  • Insider info: They boast an impressive imported beer menu and a secret Gin Juice recipe.
  • Contact Details:
    Phone: +63 43 2873070, +63 9175404570
    Facebook: @Captn-Greggs-Dive-Resort

The best kinds of meals are the ones where your eyes feast on an equally splendid view. This is what you’ll get if you dine at Capt’n Greggs. The entire establishment is a dive shop turned accommodation turned restaurant, and it’s the first ever of its kind, created in 1983! It’s nautical themed exterior and interior can really put you in the mood to dine and dive.

7. The Verandah

The Verandah
  • Location: Out of the Blue Resort, Small LaLaguna Beach
  • Type: Casual dining, Western-fare type food
  • Reservations: Available
  • Budget for one: P300 to P400
  • Open Hours: 10:30am to 10:30pm
  • What to eat: Greek Salad or fresh Kilawin; Smoked salmon on toast, Australian Wagyu steak, Yellowfin tuna, Warm carrot muffin with a scoop of Bailey’s ice cream
  • Insider info: Try the Chili Crab, which you need to order 1 day in advance! Also, ask if they have ice cold, sub-zero beer available.
  • Contact Details:
    Phone: +63 9209489400, +63 9064539400
    Email: [email protected]
    Facebook: @OOTBTheVerandah

If you want to experience one of the highest rated restobars of Puerto Galera, splurge a little and grab a seat at The Verandah! Described as casual dining with a world-class view, The Verandah is a restaurant located at the Out of the Blue resort.

One of the owners, John Booth, says that the food they serve should give a sense of comfort and familiarity to its diners, despite the complexity of their menu. Don’t be intimated by its Mediterranean exterior and higher price point—the Verandah is always marked as excellent by all its patrons for a reason.

8. Hemingway’s

  • Location: Along Sabang Beach, right next to the Ferry Terminal
  • Type: Italian, Carribean, Spanish
  • Reservations: Available
  • Budget for one: P290 to P350
  • Open hours: 9am to 10:30pm
  • What to eat: T-Bone steak, Paella, Garlic prawns with penne pasta, The Bavarian Steakhouse meal, Numburger set, Mahi-Mahi fish and chips, German snail sausage with sauerkraut
  • Insider info: The chef and manager running the operations usually come out to explain the things you order, since a lot of them may be unfamiliar with the European flair of the menu!
  • Contact Details:
    Phone: +63 9202060553
    Facebook: @Sabang.Beach.Philippines

Named after the influential American writer, Ernest Hemingway, this restaurant is a food critic’s fave and a tourist hotspot for great food that never fails! Its menu is probably the most unique among all the Sabang Beach food spots because of its eccentric yet highly delicious menu, jumping from culture to culture that just shocks the palette. Why is it named after Ernest Hemingway though? It’s because the cuisine listed on the menu is inspired by his travels across the globe!

9. Toko’s Bar and Restaurant

Tokos Bar and Restaurant
  • Location: Atlantis Resort
  • Type: Filipino food, International food, Asian cuisine
  • Reservations: Available
  • Budget for one: P500 to P700
  • Open hours: 6:30am to 9:30pm
  • What to eat: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner courses, Beef Teriyaki ala carte, Parmesan Crusted Chicken, the Pork Spring Rolls and Fried Rice; Chef Marlon’s special Coral Garden of Beef Tenderloin plate
  • Insider info: You can actually choose how your rice is cooked, and they even have a Mongolian fried rice option for an added fee!
  • Contact Details:
    Phone: +63 43 2873066 to 69, +63 9175620294
    Email: [email protected]
    Facebook: @TokosRestaurant

Although this restaurant is named after the loud, oftentimes scary gecko that makes a “tuko” sound when active at night, Toko is actually a more refined place to dine.

While you’ll be splurging on the menu items, the quality of the food is nothing short of amazing, if the soaring reviews are any indication. In Toko, they only want guests to experience world-class beach resort dining at a price that’s still relatively cheaper than other “luxury” chains along tourist spots.

10. Full Moon

  • Location: Small La Laguna Beach
  • Type: Filipino, Asian, Australian
  • Reservations: Available
  • Budget for one: Most dishes here cost less than PHP300.
  • Open hours: 8am to 10pm
  • What to eat: Australian-style rump steak, Spicy seafood hotpot, Grilled chicken fillet, Green chicken curry
  • Insider info: There’s a “Specials” board that changes from time to time, so make sure to ask what’s their current dish of the day. They also sometimes screen movies at night, making for a great atmosphere.
  • Contact Details:
    Phone: +63 9177955592

Full Moon offers another take on eating affordable yet quality meals while surrounded by one of the most scenic views this side of Puerto Galera.

Specializing in Asian, Filipino, and Australian food thanks to the influence of the head chef, Full Moon is a great place to take your family after a long day by the beach. It’s also a quiet hub for opening up your laptop and working to the best view of the riverside!
Enjoy a fun experience and check out other tourist spots to visit, things to do and more in Puerto Galera. Discover cheap hotel deals and cheap flights from carriers like Philippine Airlines, AirAsia, and more with Traveloka!

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