Puerto Princesa

City of the Living God

A model city recognized as the cleanest in the Philippines, a visit to Puerto Princesa City will be an experience you’ll always treasure. From the renowned St. Paul Subterranean River National Park or more known as the Underground River to the lesser-known hidden gems to some historical sites, you’ll be able to enjoy a jampacked activities that will leave you feeling good.

If you’re ready to hit the waters, the Honda Bay tour is the best island hopping activity. It will take you to the islands of Luli, Cowrie, and Star Fish.

Puerto Princesa beach

Take time off from frolicking in the beaches and explore the urban side of Puerto Princesa. The city tour includes going to the Crocodile Farm, Mitra’s Ranch, Puerto Princesa Cathedral, Plaza Cuartel, Butterfly Garden and Tribal Village and Baker’s Hills, where you can buy yummy pasalubong.

At night, check out Iwahig Firefly tour and be further amazed with nature’s wonder. You’ll definitely want to come back to this spectacular destination.


Fast Facts

  • Public Transportation: Tricycles, Jeeps/Multi-cabs, Buses
  • Languages/Dialect: Tagalog, Cuyunon, English, Palawano
  • Payment Options: Cash
  • Known For: St. Paul Subterranean River National Park, Palawan Peacock, Tamilok


What to Know Before Visiting

  • Buy your pasalubong in MCA Market Mall Pasalubong Center. Prices here are very cheap.
  • As part of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, the Puerto Princesa Underground River is a protected area. Keep in mind the do’s and don’ts when going on this tour.
  • There are many travel agencies offering packaged tours. If you’re doing a couple of the tours, you can also haggle for best prices.


Best Time to Visit Puerto Princesa

Boats going to Underground River

The weather in Puerto Princesa City is warm almost all year round. If you want to enjoy sunny blue skies, visit this destination during the summer months of March to May. Expect a wet season if you go here anytime from July to October.


How to Go to Puerto Princesa

By Air

It will take about an hour and fifteen minutes or so to reach Puerto Princesa City by air. There are daily flights from Manila and other key cities in the Philippines. It’s prime location within the city proper let’s you get around and/or reach your hotel without hassle.

By Land

Going to Puerto Princesa City via land transportation would also require boat transfers. It’s best to fly straight via several local airlines, or ride a ferry instead.

By Sea

From Manila and other provinces, there are ferries like 2Go that sail directly to Puerto Princesa City. Take note of the schedules of the ferries as they have fixed time.


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