Global Meets Local in Hue Hotels and Resorts Puerto Princesa [Review]

Managed by HII (Hospitality Innovators, Inc.), Hue Hotels and Resorts located in Puerto Princesa is dedicated to serving its patrons with international standards of hospitality, which goes together with Palawan’s eco-friendly tourism.

Many of Hue’s previous guests sing the same praises—staying here is like booking a completely different vacation altogether. That’s Hue Hotel & Resorts’ mark of excellence.

What you’ll love at Hue Hotel Puerto Princesa

Hue Hotel

Highly-rated across the board, it’s easy to tell why Hue Hotels is so beloved by Palawan locals and tourists, alike. The exterior of the hotel looks almost weird in the way it’s been built, but the architecture was meant to look that way to invoke a spirit of uniqueness and character.

Modern techniques were used to execute eye-catching and compelling ideas; you can see this in the way they built the entrance and immediate façade, with plenty of geographic lines and strong edges. It almost doesn’t look like a hotel at all.

The GLOCAL Design

Hue Hotel lobby

Upon entering the lobby, you’ll find Hue even more attractive with its pristine, clean interiors that make it seem open and approachable.

Notice all the wooden accents and native designs—all locally sourced from Palawan craftspeople.

From the rooms to the services provided, it won’t be lost on Hue Hotels Puerto Princesa’s patrons that the owners intended for this property to be the perfect blend of Palawan’s lush environment, packaged in a contemporary, culturally-significant way.

That’s why the owners of Hue Hotel call it a “GLOCAL” hotel, a.k.a. Global + Local!

The Rooms

Hue Hotels and Resorts Puerto Princesa has three types of rooms: Deluxe, Suite, and Family.

  • Deluxe Rooms can fit 2 people, and are 25sqm. It has 1 King-sized bed and comes with complete amenities, including a fitted bathroom.
  • Suite Rooms can fit 3 people, and are 40sqm. It has 2 Twin-sized beds.
  • Family Rooms can fit 4 people and are also 25sqm, since the Twin-sized beds can also double as bunker beds.

You’ll notice a couple of things about your room, as well.

– The artwork and décor are all native-inspired, and were most likely crafted by the local Palawan craftsmen.

– The floor leading to the residences also look like banderitas.

Hue Hotel stylish suites

Hue Hotel queen

All in all, the rooms are well-lit, generally clean and spacious, and have great wi-fi connection. Depending on the room, you will also find plenty of power outlets so you won’t have a problem charging gadgets!

Plus, if you get the Suite, you may even find the best of all hotel luxuries—a bathtub with a TV mounted on the wall! Who’s up for a bubble bath while watching your favorite TV show?

Hue Hotel room and bath

Another thing that should be of note is that all the hotel rooms have their own room service button, eliminating the need for a room service card that you hang by the doorknob. Anytime you need the room cleaned even if you won’t be leaving the property can be done in a press of a button!

Hue Hotel twin bed

And in line with the hotel’s pro-green advocacy, all rooms will get their complimentary water in a glass bottle, which can be refilled any time.

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The Roofdeck and Pool

Two of the best attractions of Hue Hotels & Resorts Puerto Princesa involve the very top of the building—see, the roof deck and the pool.

The roof deck functions as its own social hub, providing food, drinks, and a taste of the nightlife without ever having to leave the property.

Hue Hotel pool

Along with it is arguably Hue Hotel’s most Instagram-friendly spot, the pool. It’s clear on one side, so you can actually see it from down below the entrance.

The floor of the pool has colorful tiles, mimicking the look of banig, and depending on the time of day, the sunlight casts a completely different light upon the water! It almost looks like a giant mosaic, or kaleidoscope.

The Spa

If you want extra pampering, explore Hue’s AMIHAN hotel spa, which includes a traditional body massage that’s definitely worth mentioning.

For a completely warm and cozy foodie experience, which looks definitively millennial without losing its local touch, go and dine at Matiz Restro and Tapas Bar, headed by Chef Gabby Pratz.

It has wooden interiors that give out an urban chic. The interior of the restaurant is surrounded with big, wide, open windows that encourage natural lighting, while the light fixtures also look stylish.

The Food

Although your room could have the buffet breakfast included with the booking, you can eat here without being a guest.

Try the thrice-cooked bagnet, sinigang, tinapa, pinakbet, sisig, and even the more interesting takes on classic food. Ever cashew kare-kare, or ginataan santol?

Hue Hotel

At night, visit the bar on the roof deck, and avail of Liquid Maestro Kalel’s cocktail creations. Hue’s adult drinks menu are only available past midnight.

The Amenities

This design-forward hotel isn’t just bragging about its vibrant aesthetics. With 122 rooms, Hue Hotel doesn’t fail to deliver on its amenities and comforts.

For one, no matter what room you book, you have access to free airport transfers (to and fro), which only need to be arranged with the front desk in advance.

Its location is also handy, as it sits next to a Robinsons mall, and is close to a private hospital for any contingencies that could occur during your vacation. People have also said that the hotel remains quiet after-hours, despite being situated near a road.

Hue Hotel common area

Hue Hotel receiving area

When you come to check-in, you will be handed a free welcome drink (either calamansi or lemongrass!) with a hand towel to help you freshen up.

While the clerks fix your paperwork, notice some of the hotel’s artwork on the lobby’s wall, inspired by the bird balinsasayaw, found in Puerto Princesa’s limestone cliffs. The floors were also made to resemble something familiar to our local community!

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in Hue Hotel as a barkada or company, or even a wedding reception, they have a Ballroom function room that can fit 300 people. Smaller conference rooms can fit 50-70 people.

The Fitness Center is also free for guests, and comes complete with any workout equipment you may need to stay on top of your gains!

Insider tips

  1. If you have no idea where to start exploring Palawan, approach the front desk and they can help you arrange a tour.
  2. Everything you find in Hue, from the coffee served during buffet, to the rice they use for dishes, are locally sourced in Palawan. Hue is all about supporting artisans!
  3. Children (7 to 11 years old)get 50% off at the buffet breakfast.
  4. Kids below 11 years of age can stay for free (1 child per booking only; please clarify this detail with the front desk).
  5. Check-in time is 2-3PM, checkout time is 12NN. Please contact the front desk if you have red-eye flights, especially in relation to the free shuttle to the hotel.
  6. If you have a baby, Hue offers free cribs for their comfort.
  7. There is free self-parking.
  8. The water from the sink and shower in your room is potable.
  9. Please note that upon check-in, you will be asked to show your photo ID and a valid credit card, used to pay for the room!

According to an interview with a local newspaper, management has said that they made Hue to create a “new shade to Puerto Princesa’s tourism experience.”

Dennis Lee, one of the proprietors of Hue, said that their vision for the hotel is on the concept of bringing the beach to the city!

How to get there

Hue Hotel Puerto Princesa is located at Km. 3, North Road, Barangay San Manuel, Palawan Island, 5300. This is a 15-minute drive from the PPS airport, and airport shuttles are available upon request.

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