6 Cool Ways to Enjoy Singapore for FREE!

We all know Singapore can be a very expensive city. Heck, it’s one of the most expensive cities in the world!

So why do we still go? It’s Singapore.

What’s not to love about it? From its gleaming modern buildings to its entertainment centers, shopping districts and cuisine, Singapore simply beckons.

But if you think that there’s no way you can go to Singapore and not spend to enjoy the city, you don’t know Singapore that well. There are actually a host of free activities (yes, FREE) that you can do in the Lion City to make your stay worthwhile.

Check out these six delicious freebies:

1. Take the Free Singapore Tour


There’s a reason why Singapore’s Changi Airport has been consistently voted as no. 1 in airport world rankings.

A tourism hub in itself, you can almost find everything you need there to be fully entertained, including a free tour of Singapore. Offered to those in transit who have at least five and a half hours till their connecting flight, the Free Singapore Tour includes two and a half hours guided tour with two short stopovers.

For travelers joining the tour, they get to see historical places like the Merlion Park, Colonial District, Chinatown, and Little India. The tour also includes visits to famous landmarks like The Singapore Flyer, Gardens by The Bay, Marina Bay Sands, and The Esplanade.

To avail of this tour, simply show your passport and boarding pass at the Free Singapore Tour booths located at Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. The Heritage Tour runs four times daily and the City Sights Tour runs two times daily.

2. Join the Singapore Footprints tour by NTU students

Wearing yellow shirts, young volunteers from the Nanyang Technological University offer tourists a free guided tour of Singapore.

Know more about Singapore through the eyes of the locals, er, the students of Nanyang Technological University to be exact.

These young volunteers from NTU show visitors a guided tour of Singapore that will last for two and a half hours. Some of these sites include the Raffles Place, Fullerton Hotel, Cavenagh Bridge, The Padang, Singapore Art Museum, and Sri Krishnan Temple, among others.

No registration required. To join the tour, simply go to the Raffles Place MRT station Exit B at 4:15 PM every Saturday and Sunday. Look for a bunch of youngsters wearing yellow Singapore Footprints shirts. The tour departs at exactly 4:30 PM.

Tourists can also join the Chinatown tour every Saturday morning by signing up at the Chinatown Visitor Centre, or dropping them an email.
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3. Eat vegetarian food at Buddhist temples


Almost every temple in Singapore serves free food daily. The two most popular for tourists include the Singapore Buddhist Lodge and Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery. Not only do visitors get their free vegetarian meal but also enjoy the temples’ unique design, perfect for taking some selfies or groufies. 

The Singapore Buddhist Lodge is located on 17 Kim Yam Road, or around 15 minutes walking distance from Somerset MRT station. While the Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery is located on 88 Bright Hill Road, or about 10 minutes ride from Marymount MRT station.

Don’t forget to give back and donate.
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4. Find really, really cool stuff at Singapore’s Really Really Free Market event


The Singapore Really Really Free Market (SRRFM) is part of the global movement called Really Really Free Market (RRFM) which started in the United States. Here, individuals gather together to share goods and even skills for free.The SRRFM activity is held almost every month at different locations. Check out the next SRRFM schedule from their Facebook page.
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5. Watch an outdoor movie screening at Movie Mob


There are two ways to enjoy Movie Mob: Drive in and watch from your car, or just pick a spot in the designated sitting area.

Movie Mob is done once every two weeks during weekends at different locations. The movie is chosen based on the number of votes at its website.
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6. Enjoy awesome concerts at the Esplanade


This durian-shaped building is a popular venue for concerts and theater performances, among a few. If you’re lucky, you might chance upon a free live performance, while enjoying the view. Go to the Esplanade website to find out about their free concerts.
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