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10 Best Subic Tourist Spots to Visit

Subic Bay has been a favorite vacation spot among Manila locals for its accessibility and attractions. What used to be the largest US naval base in the world now offers world-class amusement spots and activities. From its beaches to water sports attractions, safaris to ocean parks, discount shops to inflatable playgrounds on water — Subic tourist spots are unparalleled and they’re all just a three-hour drive from Manila!

If you’re planning your next trip, consider this first class municipality in Zambales as your destination. Promise, it won’t disappoint!

1. Boardwalk Park and Waterfront Road

Boardwalk Park and Waterfront Road (photo via Commons, @RioHondo)

Appreciate the beauty of the Subic sunset by the beach at Boardwalk Park. Much like Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles, California, the strip of sand and the serene blue waters make for the perfect spot to relax. The beach is also lined with hotels and restaurants, making one of the top Subic tourist spots to visit.

  • Type: Beach
  • Location: Boardwalk, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
  • Budget: FREE
  • Operation Hours: 24 hours
  • Activities To Do: Swim, Sunbathe, Stroll along the beach, Go on a picnic
  • Travel Tips:
    – Boardwalk Park is also venue to some of Subic’s biggest events. If you’re in luck, you’ll get a beachside seat to live music and other entertainment events.
    – If you want the beach to be within reach 24/7, you can rent a room at one of the hotels along the Boardwalk strip and Waterfront Road.

2. Zoobic Safari

Zoobic Safari tiger

Possibly the best zoo in the country, Zoobic Safari is a 25-hectare area that simulates the natural habitat of animals so they will feel safe and at home. It offer over a dozen attractions that the whole family will enjoy, including the country’s only Night Safari. If you plan on getting close and personal with the animals, they also have feeding sessions and photo ops with crocodiles, tigers and more.

  • Type: Zoo, Theme Park
  • Location: Group1 Ilanin Forest, Forest Adventure Park, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
  • Budget: Entrance Fee – P695 for adults, P595 for kids (Get 49% discount when you book with Traveloka Xperience!)
  • Operation Hours: 8am-4pm (Day Safari), 6pm (Night Safari)
  • Activities To Do: Try out the Sky Safari and the Tiger Safari.
  • Don’t Miss: Zoobic Night Safari brings the same thrill but in the dark. Definitely making your visit more exciting!
  • Travel Tips:
    – You can avail of group discounts for four, with packed lunch for only P2,499.
    – There are scheduled photo opportunities with exotic animals like a giant python, tigers and more.

3. Ocean Adventure Subic Bay

Ocean Adventure (photo via Facebook, @OceanAdventureSubicBay)

One of the best Subic tourist spots, Ocean Adventure is the first open water marine theme park in Southeast Asia. It features more than 20 main attractions kids and animal lovers will enjoy. From meeting sea animals to swimming with them, Ocean Adventure Subic Bay offers a unique experience you wouldn’t forget. It’s fun and educational!

  • Type: Theme Park
  • Location: Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
  • Budget: starts at P800. You may get discounted tickets here.
  • Operation Hours: 9am-6pm daily
  • Activities To Do:
    – Watch the dolphins and sea lions do tricks and perform right in front of you! Shows have several schedules a day so make sure you don’t miss it.
    – Go underwater and see a whole new world at Ocean Discovery Aquarium. You can observe different fish species in their natural habitat without getting wet.
    – If you have the budget, you can swim, dive, play and take pictures with the dolphins and sea lions.
  • Don’t Miss: It may be called Ocean Adventure but the theme park also introduces guests to some amazing forest animals. From bats to pythons, parrots to owls — all are present at the Wild World show.

4. Inflatable Island Philippines

Inflatable island unicorn

Unleash the inner “Ninja Warrior” in you in a safe, fun and wet environment at Inflatable Island. The 3,400-square meter floating playground is the first in Southeast Asia and the biggest in the entire continent. It features inflatable attractions like the Human Launcher, the Giant Tarzan Swing and Slide, and giant trampolines. And they’re all on water!

  • Type: Water Park, Beach
  • Location: Subic Bay Waters, National Highway, Lower Kalaklan, Olongapo City
  • Budget: P800 to P1,500
  • Operation Hours: 8am-5:50pm daily
  • Activities To Do: Bounce around, Relax at the Bali Lounge, Check out the Floating Zoo, and swim at Samba Beach
  • Don’t Miss: Refreshments and snacks are uniquely decorated in cup floaters and Roccoloco bowls. They’re must tries and a great for your Instagram too!
  • Travel Tips:
    – You can save 10% on ticket prices when you book online.
    – Customers should arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled time and make sure you are dressed appropriately.

5. Funtastic Park

Funtastic Park (photo via Instagram, @FuntasticParkSubic)

Who said learning can’t be fun? At Funtastic Park Subic, education is synonymous with entertainment! The theme park offers over 10 attractions and unique activities that kids and kids-at-heart will enjoy!

  • Type: Theme Park
  • Location: Bldg. 2070 Corregidor Highway, Ilanin Forest, East District, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
  • Budget: P350 per person
  • Operation Hours: 9am-6pm daily
  • Activities To Do: Mirror Maze, Trick Art Paintings
  • Don’t Miss: The 3D Enchanted Forest puts right smack in the middle of a captivating, animated garden ala Avatar or Alice in Wonderland.
  • Travel Tips:
    – You can bring food in the outdoor park, so baons are encouraged for those in a budget.
    – Funtastic Park is just a few minutes away from Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure, so plan your Subic tourist spots itinerary well.

6. Spanish Gate

A remnant of the Spanish Naval Station in Subic Bay from the 1880s, the Spanish Gate served as the entrance to the naval station and a jail during both the Spanish and American occupation. The wall is made from locally quarried stone and has been an one of the iconic Subic tourist spots. Now a national historic landmark, the Spanish Gate still has its gun ports intact and some of its jail features even if most of the naval fort had been destroyed by war.

  • Type: Heritage site
  • Location: Sampson Rd, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
  • Budget: FREE
  • Operation Hours: 24 hours
  • Activities To Do:
    If you like history and museums, you’ll enjoy the Spanish Gate. It features Spanish-era cannons and jailhouse qualities reminiscent of its 1900s roots.
    Take creative photos for your Instagram feed!
  • Don’t Miss: Make sure to view the recently installed Spanish Gate marker that details the history of the heritage site.
  • Travel Tip: The Spanish Gate is conveniently located near restaurants and shops, so you can grab a bite or go shopping after sightseeing.

7. Dungaree Beach

Dungaree Beach (photo via Instagram, @MonicaRacestheWorld)

Subic Bay is known for its beaches, but not a everyone knows about its hidden gem, Dungaree Beach. Known before as “Dog Beach”, it was frequented by the American Military in the day for its clear blue waters, fine sand, fresh breeze and beautiful sunset. The beach is far more cleaner and less crowded than other Subic shores, making it the perfect swimming spot.

  • Type: Beach
  • Location: Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales
  • Budget: starts at P150 (entrance fee)
  • Operation Hours: 24 hours
  • Activities To Do: Swimming and Aqua Sports
  • Don’t Miss: You can bring food on the beach! Charcoal grills are also available, completing your beach experience.
  • Travel Tips:
    – You can rent the entire beach for yourself! Yes, Dungaree Beach is available to rent for your special events – one whole stretch of fine sand and blue waters! You may call these numbers to inquire: (045) 499 1179 or (045) 499 0695.
    – Should you plan to stay the night, there are a few beachside hotels that offer 24-hour beach swimming, 24-hour bars and comfortable accommodations at a cheap price.

8. Tree Top Adventure

Tree top adventure

Feel like you’re on top of the world at Tree Top Adventure Subic! The theme park offers an experience like no other as it swishes you past nature at 100 feet off the ground. It offers six thrilling attractions — from ziplines to free falls — with only the safest equipment. The park offers a breathtaking view of Subic and an experience unmatched!

  • Type: Nature, Theme Park
  • Location: Jest Area, Upper Mau, Cubi Point, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
  • Budget: P1,000
  • Operation Hours: 8am-4:30pm daily
  • Activities To Do: Canopy Ride, Superman Ride, Interactive Freefall
  • Don’t Miss: Purchase your souvenir photos at the souvenir store as proof you’ve conquered the extreme! Shirts and other novelty items are also available.
  • Travel Tips:
    – Tree Top Adventure Subic offers discounts to guests checked-in at their partner hotels.
    – Parking is free, so you don’t need to worry about the hefty fees.

9. Mt Balingkilat

Mt. Balingkilat (photo via Instagram, @Davendonfranche)

Remember that cliche “Life’s a climb, but the view is great”? Well, it couldn’t be more appropriate for Mt Balingkilat. The Subic tourist spot isn’t an easy one to hike — it takes around 14 hours to reach the peak and with the scorching sun and absence of much trees, the trek is not for the faint of heart or health. But the summit is all worth it. The view on top of the mountain is breathtaking, making the two-day climb a piece of cake.

  • Type: Nature, Trek
  • Location: (entry point) Sitio Cawag, Subic, Zambales
  • Budget: PHP1,500 per person
  • Time: The hike will take at least 14 hours, spanning two days.
  • Activities To Do:
    – Enjoy the view at the top!
    – Take the best photos of the mountain range!
  • Travel Tips:
    – If you plan on hiking up Mt Balingkilat, contact Chieftain Balosbalos, the official chieftain of Cawag Resettlement, at 09995497210 or 09183271442.
    – Exit point of the mountain hike is at Nagsasa Cove. It’s best to get a room rental at Brgy. Pundaquit, San Antonio Zambales so you can rest and recover after the hike.

10. Royal Duty Free

You may question the inclusion of Royal Duty Free to this list, but if tourists are visiting the province just to shop then this shouldn’t be a surprise addition to this best Subic tourist spots list.

Royal Duty Free has been serving locals and tourists who want to shop imported goods at a major discount for more than two decades now. Recently, the Manila Avenue branch underwent a major renovation to serve shoppers better. With a new facility, shopping for super cheap chocolates, beverages, clothes and kitchen items is so much better!

  • Type: Shopping Center, Department Store, Supermarket
  • Location: Manila Avenue, cor. Canal Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
  • Operation Hours: 9am to 8pm daily
  • Travel Tips:
    – With the bagsak presyo (low prices), it’ll be very easy to get carried away while shopping and overspend. Best to set a budget before doing your shopping and keep to it. Bring a calculator if needed.
    – Keep an eye out for major finds! Aside from food, apparel, shoes, kitchen items and toys are also aplenty. With enough patience, you’ll come out a victor after your shopping spree.

Enjoy a fun experience and check out other restaurants, things to do and more in Subic. Discover cheap hotel deals and cheap flights from carriers like Philippine Airlines, AirAsia, and more with Traveloka!

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