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Sahlee 0 May 25, 2018
I have a golden retriever i want to take him w me and my husband Please Book Us this coming sunday name is Sahlee Angsioco You can call me At 09298357588
Kiko @ Explore May 29, 2018
Whoops, didn't catch your comment in time. If you guys are still interested to book a room at Containers by Eco Hotel, please follow this link or download our app. Cheers!

Ma. Teresa G. de Guzman 0 May 22, 2018
Can I know the rates. Can we bring our Scarlet? (pet dog). Can we check -in May 25-27, 2018, 4 pax? Thank you.
Kiko @ Explore May 22, 2018
Hi Teresa, rooms for two start P3,500 while family rooms start P7,500. Yes, they do allow pets up to 25 pounds but they charge an additional P500/night for each pet and a P2,000 deposit. They have a few rooms left for your dates so might as well book now Cheers!

Florante Garcia 0 May 18, 2018
Interesting to visit

Beat The Heat at Containers by Eco Hotel Tagaytay [Review]

For a lot of us discerning hotel-goers, we’ll go the extra mile to ensure every luxury is afforded to us during our stay away from home. But it takes a different kind of eco-conscious individual to book at a property that also respects green living. This is Containers by Eco Hotel, and it’s the first of its kind in Tagaytay!


What you’ll love at Containers by Eco Hotel

The latest in Eco Hotel’s chain of hospitality properties, it derives its name from its unique concept.

The Building Material

The living complex is made out of actual containers—literally, the big, rectangular, metallic boxes you see getting shipped from highway to highway!

Containers by Eco Hotel Tagaytay room

Why containers, you may ask? Simply because out of all the materials you could re-purpose into lodging, containers are the most ideal thanks to its near indestructible material (reinforced corten steel).

And if you’re wondering about its safety, you have nothing to fear! You can stack up containers up to seven (7) stories high before you need to start thinking of structural support, and Containers by Eco Hotel is only three stories high.

Containers by Eco Hotel Tagaytay lobby

Additionally, Eco Hotel made sure Containers kept within the theme of sustainability by implementing solar panels, water recycling, energy saving lights, and using upcycled materials for furniture!

Containers is truly the most green-service hotel in Tagaytay, and possibly even the country.


The Rooms

When you book at Containers, please note that they only offer two kinds of rooms. This is to maximize the use of the space and to make sure everything in the rooms serve a purpose.

This isn’t to say that they skimp out on the luxury we expect of a hotel booking.

Containers by Eco Hotel is the perfect marriage between chic and millennial, while still being functional and urban-practical!

Containers by Eco Hotel Tagaytay different rooms

Containers by Eco Hotel Tagaytay room with view

  • The Family Rooms are found on the Ground Floor and can fit 5-7 pax per unit. They include a Queen-sized bed, a double-deck, a pull-out bed, a sofa bed in an enclosed master bedroom.
  • The Couple Rooms are on the upper floors. They also have Queen-sized beds, which are decorated with native woven accents from the floors to the woven slippers available for use by its guests.

Book Containers by Eco Hotel Tagaytay here


The Green Service

Since Eco Hotel revolves around the idea of using only what you need whenever applicable, the amenities are much simpler compared to other hotels.

But this means you get quality over quantity, as the hardworking staff are on the clock to ensure guests are well taken care of, 24/7.

Containers by Eco Hotel Tagaytay dining

If you have a small gathering or company outing, you can ask for the “Thinking Room”, which is their function room that’s perfect for intimate meetings.

You can even use it just for recreational activities, like movie marathons with the family or barkada. Just ask in advance, and mention it when you book your dates!


The Food

Containers by Eco Hotel Tagaytay resto

Containers by Eco Hotel food and drink

If you’re hungry, you can opt to take a quick trip around the vicinity. Tagaytay is one of those out-of-town destinations that aren’t too far from Manila, but can still offer worthwhile food trips that give bang for your buck.

But if you want to stay in Containers, visit “MORI”, a Japanese restaurant that serves freshly prepared sushi and maki.

Ask if you have complimentary breakfast since they specialize in their silog dishes, as well. Order a plate of tocilog or bangsilog to start your day!

Containers by Eco Hotel restaurant

Container by Eco Hotel coffee

If you want a nice view of Taal Lake, take a quick walk to the Starbucks right in front of the property for an unbeatable shot of Tagaytay.


How to get there

Address: Seminarium Verbum Divinae Road, Tagaytay, 4120, Cavite

Containers by Eco Hotel is a two-hour drive from Manila. You can opt to take the South Luzon Expressway, or take the Santa Rosa-Tagaytay service road straight on.

Take Exit 38 after you pass the Laguna International Industrial Park, then keep going straight till you see Museo Orlina. Turn right from there, and you’ll see Containers in front of Starbucks.

If you’re coming from NAIA, just take the Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, or the South Luzon Expressway, adding about 40 minutes travel time, one-way.

For those who opt to take public transportation, you can take a bus ride from EDSA Buendia using the Malanday-NAIA bus, then switching to the Coastal Mall-Calatagay bus route. Get down at Olivares Plaza-Batangas Bus Stop.


Insider tips

Here are some interesting things you should know about this one-of-a-kind property, besides being made completely out of containers!

Containers by Eco Hotel Tagaytay exterior

  • ALL their décor and art are pro-local. Not only were they upcycled, or remade using native materials, the artists responsible for the wall decals and murals are also environmentalists, or heavily contribute to the eco-conversation.
  • Whether you book a Family Room or a Couple Room, all of the units will have the words “Carpe Diem” somewhere inside.
  • If you’re used to taking sample-sized amenities from the bathroom home, think again when you come to Containers! All their hygiene kits are by request, so unless you tell management to provide some for you before you arrive, you’ll have to bring your own.

Containers by Eco Hotel Tagaytay bathroom

  • Most of their bottles are also made of glass, to avoid plastic, single-use consumption.
  • Linens and towels are encouraged to be used multiple times.
  • They are pet-friendly!
  • Ask for the reading nook, located somewhere in the lobby! You can take a book for yourself, just as long as you leave another book behind in exchange.
  • If you must have a large closet space, mention this to the front desk since there are some rooms that don’t have what you’re looking for. Some rooms also won’t have a phone.
  • Ask if your room has complimentary coffee, courtesy of a well-known coffee brand in the Philippines!
  • Also, ask if your room comes with a complimentary glass of wine per head!
  • If you get a garden view, you may be able to glimpse the Taal Lake as well.

Containers by Eco Hotel is close to the Tagaytay Picnic Grove, People’s Park in the Sky, Pink Sisters, and the famous Bag of Beans café. You are also close to the Lady of Lourdes Church, and a little further ahead towards Tagaytay-Nasugbu, you’ll find the Sky Ranch and Breakfast at Antonio’s!


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