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3D2N Tagaytay Itinerary Perfect for Family Getaways

Tagaytay is definitely THE go-to destination for families looking for a fun-filled getaway that has a variety of activities for both parents and kids. This is especially true for anyone residing in Metro Manila as the windy getaway is about a couple of hours away by car.

Here’s a 3D2N Tagaytay itinerary to help you plan the perfect family vacation:

Tagaytay Itinerary Day 1

Day One

  • Bulalo for lunch (P250) – Start your Tagaytay escapade by trying what Tagaytay is well known for: bulalo! Numerous restaurants that offer this appetizing dish. You can either visit Leslie’s Restaurant, Balinsasayaw, or Pamana Restaurant. For cheaper prices, head over to the Mahogany Market.
  • Try exhilarating rides at Sky Ranch (P300) – This amusement park has several exciting rides perfect for kids and the kids-at-heart. A must-try is the Sky Eye, which is known as the country’s tallest ferris wheel at 207 feet.
  • Relax and destress at Nurture Wellness Village (P1,500) – The establishment offers rejuvenating spa services for individuals and families which aim to soothe one’s mind, body, and soul. This is perfect for mom and dad who may be tired from the long drive and from taking care of the kids.
  • Have dinner at Marcia Adam’s (P600) – A bit pricey but very much worth the price tag, this Mediterranean-inspired restaurant serves delicious food in a beautiful garden setting.

Estimated Total: P2,650

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Tagaytay Itinerary Day 2 and 3

Day Two

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Trek up Taal Volcano (P2,600) – The country’s second most active volcano is a must-visit when in the area. While some people opt to take a photo or two from a distance, more adventurous guests can rent a boat and either trek up the volcano themselves, or ride a horse.
  • Visit the Picnic Grove and have lunch (P200) – This picnic spot is the ideal spot for you to enjoy your lunch from Mushroom Burger. After a great meal and resting, you can also try the zip line and the fish spa. Little plants and succulents can be bought here, too.
  • Interact with animals (P174) – At Zoori (Zoo at Residence Inn), you can admire the scenic view of Taal Volcano while having fun with animals—from reptiles, farm animals to different species of birds and eagles.
  • Dinner at Balinsasayaw (P1,980) – After a day packed with activities, your family is sure to have built up quite the appetite. Why not order a menu good for four that has shrimp, soup, squid, spring rolls, chicken barbecue, rice, eggplant, and mixed fruits.

Estimated Total: P4,954

Day Three

  • Start your day at Breakfast at Antonio’s (P750) – Bite into a delicious meal of fresh corned beef with provencale sauce, fries, and a sunny side up egg. Enjoy this with a cup of hot chocolate.
  • Visit Reptiland Adventure (P250) – With several reptile animatronics on display, along with a mini zoo, a fossil museum, and a playhouse, this is a great stop for the kids.
  • Grab some grub (P300) – Make the most out of your last day by visiting The Red Bus Diner and filling your tummy with hefty servings of nachos, pasta, and drum roll burgers. You won’t regret it.
  • Drive home.

Estimated Total: P1,300

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Accommodation in Tagaytay

After a fun-filled day of trekking, food tripping, and more, nothing is more relaxing than getting a good night’s sleep. Here are our top picks for family-friendly hotels in Tagaytay.

Tagaytay Hotels

1. Taal Vista Hotel
2. Twin Lakes Hotel
3. Casa Alegria
4. La Bella Boutique Hotel
5. Lee Boutique Hotel
6. Crosswinds Resort Suites
7. Canyon Woods Resort Club
8. Summit Ridge Tagaytay
9. One Tagaytay Place Hotel and Suites
10. The Windy Ridge Tagaytay

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Must Eat in Tagaytay

Tagaytay Must Eat

1. Bulalo – Inarguably a local favorite, a hot bowl of bulalo perfectly complements Tagaytay’s cool weather. It is made with flavorful beef shank and a generous amount of vegetables, making it the perfect ulam for lunch or dinner.

  • Price: About P1,000 for a family meal
  • Where to Get: Mahogany Market, Leslie’s Restaurant, Balinsasayaw, Pamana Restaurant, Moderno

2. Burgers – Unknown to many, Tagaytay is where you can find one of the juiciest burgers in the country. The Red Hogg Bacon Burger is ideal for those with a heavy appetite. The Wasabi Burger is a spicy alternative that’s worth a try as well.

  • Price: About P200 for a burger
  • Where to Get: The Red Bus Diner in Calamba Road

3. Chocolate – A particular restaurant in Tagaytay has made chocolate more accessible for family vacationers and foodies alike. They serve traditional champorado (that’s perfect to pair with fish chips and chicharon) and hot chocolate.

  • Price: About P350 per serving
  • Where to Get: Tsokolateria in Aguinaldo Highway

4. Ensaymada – If you are a pastry lover, you should definitely try the soft and cheesy ensaymadas in Tagaytay. For maximum pleasure, pair it with a cup of hot cocoa.

  • Price: About P100 per piece
  • Where to Get: Balay Dako, Breakfast at Antonio’s, Charito by Bag of Beans

5. Buko Pie Crumble – A heavenly dessert, buko pie crumble is like a regular pie, but with a hefty amount of coconut meat inside. It’s also the perfect pasalubong for your friends and relatives back home.

  • Price: P200 per box
  • Where to Get: Loumar’s Cafe in Santa Rosa Road

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Breakdown of Expenses

Tagaytay Itinerary Budget

Take note that this breakdown is an estimation based on food prices, activities, and entrance fees for one. These prices may go lower or higher depending on the number of people in your group, among other factors. 

  • Food and Drinks – P4,030 (inclusive of a dinner menu for four)
  • Hotel – P7,000 (varies depending on hotel)
  • Activities – P4,874 (inclusive of boat to Taal Volcano for seven)
  • Miscellaneous – P2,000

Total: P17,904

Know Before You Go

  • Bring sweaters or jackets – Especially during nighttime, the temperature becomes relatively colder.
  • Book hotels in advance – Most hotels and home stays in the city require reservations. Make sure to book at least six weeks before your scheduled trip.
  • Research on your destination – It’s not surprising that Tagaytay has a number of winding roads and narrow routes. It pays to do your homework and to research about the site you’re visiting to easily pinpoint its exact location.
  • Choose your time of visit wisely – Summertime is ideal for families who want to veer away from Manila’s hot days. If you want to experience its maximum coldness, visit the city during the Christmas season.
  • Bring your own car – Or rent one. You don’t want to splurge most of your money on transportation, do you?


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