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Head Over to Tagaytay for a Relaxing Kawa Bath Experience

If you want to have a different kind of hot tub experience, then check out the kawa bath in Tagaytay. It involves taking a dip in a big cauldron (or “kawa” in Tagalog) placed over a steady log fire to keep you warm.

This invigorating water therapy comes with herbs that add aroma and make for a pleasurable experience.

Check out this guide on how to try this relaxing activity.


How to Get There

You don’t have to go far to try the enticing kawa bath. La VeryOl’s Mountain View Garden in Tagaytay is where you can experience this unusual bath that makes you look like you’re cooking.

Here’s how to get there if you’re commuting:

  • From Manila, ride a bus going to Tagaytay City. Several bus stations in Pasay and Manila offer this route.
  • Alight at Olivarez. Beside it is a tricycle terminal. Go there and rent a trike.
  • Tell the driver to take you to Morielli’s Restaurant or Marasigan Lane. From there, you can easily see the signage of La VeryOl’s Mountain View Garden.


The Kawa Bath Experience

There are only eight tubs available at the venue. So if you want to avoid a cue, you may want to consider arriving early as customers usually start trickling in a little after noon.

Upon receiving your kawa bath request, the staff will then prepare the kawa and other materials needed.

Tell your concerns right away, and expect the friendly staff to accommodate them. The kawa bath preparation takes about 45-60 minutes.

kawa bath setup

Once the kawa bath setup is ready, you will be asked to take a dip.

Make sure to wear comfy clothes so you won’t feel iffy during the session. Customers are asked to wear their swimming attire.

Kawa baths have healing properties your body will benefit from. These warm baths can lower your stress and strain level.

After completing an adrenaline-pumping activity, travelers are encouraged to try kawa bath to keep them relaxed and energized.

The kawa bath costs PHP399 for 45 minutes. A kawa bath with an hour long massage package is available at PHP900.

Other Places to Try Kawa Bath

Aside from Tagaytay, you can find a kawa bath in the following places.

Tanay, Rizal

El Patio Razon Tanay Kawa Bath
Image Credit: @elpatiorazonofficial Facebook

Treasure Mountain in Rizal is famous for mountain hikers. What these adventure seekers probably don’t know is that there is a nearby place that offers kawa baths.

From the Maysawa Circuit jump-off point, you can go straight until you see the El Patio Razon signage.

You will be asked to pay PHP200 for an hour of a hot bath.


Tibiao, Antique

Kawa Inn Tibiao Antique
Image Credit: Kawa Inn @carnzzz via Instagram

Tourists usually visit this quaint town in Western Visayas to see the mini rice terraces and to try river tubing. Now, they can also feel pampered after a kawa bath session.

Fees vary but they’re all less than PHP500 per session.

Book your flight to Antique to try the kawa bath


Samboan, Cebu

Fantasy Lodge Cebu Kawa Bath
Image Credit: Fantasy Lodge @loadingmiles via Instagram

Fantasy Lodge, a hotel in Samboan, has two kawa bath locations. There are tubs on a high cliff side overlooking the sea and another set of tubs on the lower level of the cliff.

The kawa bath in Cebu lasts for an hour and costs PHP500.

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Try the kawa bath with your friends and loved ones! Book your hotel or flight with Traveloka today!

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