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Exciting Things to Expect on Chinese New Year in Taiwan

Preparations for Chinese New Year in Taiwan are underway as the Taiwanese definitely know how to usher the Lunar new year in with a bang!

If you plan on heading over to the Beautiful Island, then here are the things you can expect to happen during this fun celebration.


1. Bomb the Dragon

Bombing the Dragon Festival Taiwan

Dragon dances are a common practice in Chinese communities around the world, but the Haka People (a Taiwanese minority) have taken a step further by “bombing the dragon” during Lunar new year festivities.

It is believed that Chinese Gods take over the bodies of the dragons, so after they perform their dances, the dragons have fireworks thrown at them giving whoever is close by more luck and prosperity. 

They’re then burned on joss paper so that the Chinese gods are released from the Dragons and return to the spirit realm with enough money to tie them over to the next year.

Location: Miaoli Country, Western Taiwan

2. Celebrate with Family & Friends over Food

Family celebrating Chinese New Year

Families and friends get together during “reunion dinner” on new year’s eve and eat dishes that hold meaning for the year ahead. For example, if you order steamed fish, leave some leftovers which means that you will have an abundance of things in the coming year.

Another is pig knuckles with noodles that signify money and prosperity (pork) and a long, healthy life (noodles). Make sure you grab a bite with your family at one of Taiwan’s many Chinese restaurants!

3. Check out the Beehive Rocket Festival

Taiwan Yanshui Beehive Fireworks

An exciting but fairly dangerous way to usher in the new year, the Beehive Rocket Festival has guests wearing helmets and fireproof clothing in the hopes that they get “hit” by one of the rockets for good luck.

Rows upon rows of bottle rockets are stacked on top of each other to form a tower that’ll eventually be lit and shot up into the sky, though some are directed towards the crowd. This celebration is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Location: Yanshui, Southern Taiwan

4. Throw Firecrackers at Master Handan

Bombing Lord Handan
Editorial credit: 123Nelson /

In Taitung in Southern Taiwan, locals celebrate the new year by throwing firecrackers at a shirtless man referred to as “Master Handan.”

Dressed in red shorts and donning a mask, locals throw firecrackers at Master Handan in  the hopes that the more noise they make, the richer they will get the coming year.

Location: Taitun, Southern Taiwan

Tips for Families

Just a short flight away from Manila, Taiwan is great for families looking to usher in the Lunar new year. There are several celebrations to check out in and around Taipei, with a number of parades, fun activities and more that’s perfect for both the kids and the kids-at-heart.

If you’re looking for a place to stay or for other things to do while there, then we’ve got your back:

Where to Stay

Click Hotel Ximending Branch

The Click Hotel has a few branches around Taipei and is at areas that are easily accessible. The rooms are bright and colorful, they have common areas for those who want to work, and they have Wifi too.

One of their best services is that they provide furniture for families with little ones, provided it is mentioned in advanced.

The hotel is close to Ximending Shopping Street, Tianhou Temple, Red House Theatre, and Zhongshan Hall.

The name of the hotel is unusual, but the interiors and the size of this hotel are very impressive. Suited up in a contemporary-industrial design, the hotel has many rooms for its customers.

All the rooms are in theme, which is great for taking pictures too. This hotel also has its own restaurant, elevator, and Wifi, which makes it a great place to chill in after a long day of sightseeing.

The hotel is located near the Ximending Shopping Street, Tianhou temple, Red House Theatre, and Taipei Futai Street Mansion.

The Taipei City Hotel isn’t as grand as the other hotels in the area, but it does have the best reviews from customers. It is probably because of its novelty appeal and homey vibe, plus Wifi!

Take note that there are only a few rooms available and it is usually booked because of how affordable it is. Families can stay here and rent out three rooms with a good price.

The hostel is in a good area near the Ximending Shopping Street, Tianhou Temple, Taipei Futai Street Mansion, and the Red House Theatre.

What To Do

National Palace Museum Taiwan

  • Beitou Public Hot Springs (Beiton District)

On family vacations, you’ll always want to relax. Going to a hot spring isn’t just a relaxing getaway, it is also a bonding experience as well. The Beitou hot springs stems back to the Japanese occupation.

It has three types of springs to take a dip in: spring water with green sulfur, spring water with white sulfur, and spring water with iron sulfur.

Going back to the past is a great way to immerse in the culture. No time machine is needed as the National Palace Museum has preserved over 600,000 Chinese artifacts in the museum.

This is as authentic as you can get as the museum was originally built in Beijing’s Forbidden City in 1925, until it was relocated in 1949.

  • Museum Of Contemporary Art (Datong District)

Learning about art, especially in another country, is nothing short of an adventure. Not only are you getting a new experience on your vacation, you learn something new as well.

The building was actually an elementary school building before, but it now homes several contemporary art pieces. This place makes for a mind-enriching experience for the family. 

Tips for Couples

Going on a trip with your significant other isn’t just fun, it is also a way to make the bond stronger. Couples will love travelling to Taiwan during the Chinese New Year because they will be experiencing the holiday together. The memories made in Taiwan will definitely be one for the books!

Where To Stay

UINN Travel Hostel

The Go-Sleep Hotel-Hankou is a hotel that is bright and full of energy. The rooms are modern, clean, and spacious too. They have a lot of rooms available and it is in a good area for tourists.

The location is near the Ximending Shopping Street, Tianhou Temple, Red House Theatre, and Taipei Futai Street Mansion.

The Uinn Travel Hostel is a place that most couples and millenials love to flock thanks to its bright atmosphere and clean amenities.

A lot of those who stay highly recommend the place as there is a lot of common rooms where you can work, or mingle with other tourists. While they are best known for their sleek bunk beds, they also have a double room for couples too.

The hostel is located near a school, which is also near the National Museum of History, National Taiwan Museum, and a few other educational establishments.

Nearby there is also the Taipei Botanical Garden for morning walks or evening strolls!

The Taipei City hotel has everything you need for your trip and a contemporary design to boot. It is very lavish and gives you the feeling of really being on a posh vacation.

The best part about this hotel is the great price for one night, plus a location in the prime area of Taipei. You can easily walk to some great tourist destinations without much effort.

What To Do

Maokong Gondola
Image Credit: @Atosan /

Couples who want an amazing view of Taipei will love the Taipei 101. It stands 508 meters tall and can withstand earthquakes and typhoons. From the observation deck you get panoramic views of the whole city.

Those who want to take a souvenir photo may want to take one at the ground level. There is a LOVE sculpture in front of the building and you can take an IG-worthy photo showing off your couple adventures.

  • Maokong Gondola (Wenshan District)

Maokong used to be the biggest tea groving area in Taipei. Now it is known for being the most scenic spot to soak in the sights of Taipei. The peak is located at a quaint mountain top villages and you take a crystal/clear gondola to travel up there.

Couples can use the gondolas to spend some quality time together as they are surrounded by nature. At the peak. Couples can have a romantic dinner and maybe a relaxing up of tea or two.

There is nothing more fun than going on a food adventure with the one you love most. The Shilin Night Market is the perfect spot for tourists.

It is the most bustling night market full of delicious snacks. They have yummy tempura, bubble tea, giant fried chicken steak, stinky tofu, and many more.

Ready to celebrate Chinese New Year in Taiwan? Make sure you book your flight, hotel and activities with Traveloka

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