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Single This Valentine’s Day? Show Yourself Some Love With These Activities

February 14. Valentine’s Day. The one time of the year when couples really get to show (off) their love for each other. It’s the time when florists get really busy, heart-shaped chocolates fly off the shelves, and red hearts adorn almost every nook and cranny of commercial spaces. With all of these going on, they can sometimes feel like sirens, making people aware of how single they are. 

But the so-called “Single Awareness Day” shouldn’t cause worry for those who are currently not in a relationship. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and that includes all types of love, be it familial, friendly, or even self-love. 

Don’t let the fact that Valentine’s Day 2020 lands on a Friday change your weekend plans. Here are some tips on how to enjoy February 14th when you’re still on the waitlist for Mister or Miss Right. 

Treat and pamper yourself


Since Valentine’s is about giving gifts to your loved ones, why not reward yourself with a relaxing spa day? Shed your stress from the holidays and the office with a body massage or a relaxing manicure and foot spa. 

Why not pamper yourself with a makeover? Get that haircut you’ve been wanting to have, try a new flattering shade, or simply try the many hair treatments for a fresh look this 2020! Check out these options on Traveloka Xperience for amazing deals:

Catch up and hang out with friends

Dessert Museum

With our busy schedules and everyday responsibilities, it’s almost too easy to lose touch with people. Valentine’s Day can be a great time to rekindle friendships or catch up with loved ones you haven’t spoken to in a while or those you have begun to miss. Invite them for a fun lunch or a nice dinner to catch up and just have a good time. 

Looking for more enjoyable things to do together with your friends? Why not visit the Dessert Museum or attend a rejuvenating yoga class?

Stay in for a movie night

Valentines_Movie Night

Sometimes, being a couch potato and staying at home is the best kind of self-care. Stream those romcoms, as well as your all-time favorites on Netflix for the perfect solo movie date! With some drinks, your favorite comfort food, and your comfiest clothes, what more can you ask for on a Friday night?

Party with your single friends


If you’re looking for a good time, a girls’ or boys’ night out should do the trick! Glam up with your best friends and have an amazing night laughing, having a drink or two, or even conquering the dance floor! Who knows, maybe Mister or Miss Right will catch your eye in the crowd!

Go shopping


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting a brand new pair of shoes. There’s nothing wrong with splurging on yourself—as long as you can afford it, of course! If you’re feeling generous, buy gifts for your family and close friends, too! Otherwise, there’s no harm in window-shopping!

Escape, discover, travel


Instead of finding a soulmate, why not try soul-searching for a change? Head out of the city and drive through open roads or go on an adventure at an international destination. Whether you’re going solo or with your family or barkada, discovering a new place can be a great way to spend the love month.

Let Traveloka find you the perfect destination. Find the best flight, hotel, and Xperience deals to make the most of your Valentine’s Day celebration. 

Just do you

Valentines_Do you

Everyone deserves to be happy with or without a romantic partner. Self-partnership and the relationships we have built with family and friends are already worth celebrating. So just laugh it out, relieve the stress, and celebrate the love you have.

Spread the love this February with amazing travel deals on Traveloka!

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