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Destress and Have a Smashing Good Time at The Break Room

Whether you live in the big city or not — stress triggers are everywhere. And sometimes, binging on ice cream or crying into a pillow isn’t enough to get the bad vibes out of your system. Enter: the Break Room.

At the Break Room, you’re given bats which are used to — as the name promises — break things.

The new concept provides a fun and brilliant way to deal with stress or anger in a safe environment – which is probably why people from far and wide love coming over.

After all, we’ve all felt like smashing things out of frustration at least once in our lives, here, you can finally do it without judgement.

Frustrated? Angry? Heartbroken? Here’s how you can let it all out at the Break Room:

1. Come in

Make sure you come in bat-swinging-and-smashing friendly attire. Remember, there will be debris all over the floor once you’re done, so you’re required to wear pants and closed footwear/rubber shoes.

Other protective gear such as overalls, gloves, and safety goggles will be provided.

2. Have it your way

At the Break Room, you’re allowed to customize your session however way you want it.

You can play your own soundtrack, bring your own items (make sure it fits thru the door! *3 feet wide, 6.7 feet high) as well as print out photos of people who caused you anger.

If you have nothing to bring, you can request specific items in advance or choose among the available breakables.

3. Break things

You’re given 30 minutes to go wild at The Break Room.

Aside from the items you brought or requested, the Break Room also has a punching dummy which you can whack all you want until the time runs out.

4. Leave happy

After your session, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll leave with a smile on your face.

You can even request for the CCTV footage of your 30-minute moment of glory. Better yet, you can schedule your next visit. Don’t worry, nobody will judge.


  • Unhappy Hour
    – PHP300 per head for groups of up to 4 players
    – 30 mins from opening to 5PM
    – Inclusive of six breakable items (2 medium, 4 small)
  • Regular Rate
    – PHP350 per head for groups of up to 4 players
    – 30 mins from 5PM to closing
    – Inclusive of six breakable items (2 medium, 4 small)

Add ons:

  • Quick Release (PHP199) – 8 items (5 small, 3 medium)
  • Stress Management (PHP350) – 18 items (8 small, 10 medium)
  • Anger Therapy (PHP499) – 30 items (12 small, 18 medium)

*Guests must be at least 18 years old to participate, no exceptions.

The Break Room Contact Details

Location: Ground Floor, Paragon Plaza Bldg. along EDSA, corner Reliance Street, Mandaluyong City
Contact Number: 0927-2571602, 0928-8214531
Hours: Monday-Thursday 1PM-8:30PM, Friday-Sunday 10AM-10:30PM


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