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HAZEL 0 July 15, 2018
Slots are opening every 15th minute of the hour. 01:15 | 01:30 | 01:45 | 02:00 No need to wait for the 59th minute.

The BEST DFA Appointment Hack: How To Get a Passport Slot for Sure [Video]

If you find yourself struggling to book a passport appointment with the Department of Foreign Affairs, then this hack from Michelle Enriquez of DIY Travel Philippines is sure to help you book that slot.


Check this video of the best DFA appointment hack

Here’s how to secure that “elusive” appointment:

  1. Visit the Department of Foreign Affairs website at the 59th minute of the hour (e.g. 10:59 AM, 3:59 PM).
  2. Select “Schedule an appointment”.
  3. Click on the terms and agreement.
  4. You will notice that dozens of slots open when the 59th minute has completed.
  5. Make sure that you have all your details prepared beforehand as you only have 15 minutes to pick a schedule and to input your information.
  6. Double-check your information and submit.

More tips for your Appointment Schedule

  • For a faster process, prepare your personal details beforehand. You are given 15 minutes to fill out the questions with the necessary information.
  • Double-check the information, specially your name and date of birth. In addition, make sure to provide the correct email address.
  • Please commit to your chosen slot–you’ve earned it! Take note that some DFA sites require pre-payments.
  • The payment instructions will be mailed via email. However, there are also other sites that accept over-the-counter payments.
  • To avoid delays, have your documents ready before the date of appointment.

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