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How to be an Eco-Friendly Traveler: 7 Tips for Visiting the Beach

Summer is fast approaching and chances are you have plans to go to the beach. But before you pack your bags, are you sure you’re actually ready?

Before you even dream about going on vacation, wherever it may be, you have to know how to become an eco-friendly traveler. Here are the golden rules:


1. Stop bringing single use items

Bring a reusable bottle

This goes beyond straws and plastic bottles. Think about everything you consume on the daily, how much trash are you contributing to the world?

Whenever you decide to leave your home, make sure to bring your own cutlery, reusable bags, containers, and leave nothing but a footprint behind.

2. Use products that do not harm

Avoid harmful products

Not many people are aware that even sunscreen can be harmful to the environment. Oxybenzone and octinoxate, common ingredients that are found in sunscreen, can be extremely harmful to coral reef.

Damage from these chemicals, on top of all the other culprits like water pollution and the rising water temperatures, could cause coral disease and prevent them from ever reproducing.

So, when deciding to purchase a tube, don’t forget to check the label to find out if it’s safe!

3. Look but do not touch

Avoid picking up seashells

Yes, starfish and shells are pretty and great for photos, but picking them up and taking them home is never a good idea.

Studies have shown that picking up shells could contribute to erosion and could potentially harm animals that depend on them. Of course, this rule also applies to plants, and any live creature you find in the water.

4. Pick up anything that doesn’t belong

Pick up trash on the beach

Cleaning up after yourself should already be a given, but to make the world a little better, try collecting extra pieces of trash along the way.

Think about it, if everyone else does the same thing, then we probably won’t even have a pollution problem to begin with.

5. Support eco-friendly businesses

Eco-friendly products

Stay in a place that loves the world just as much as you do. Sleep well knowing that your hotel complies with environmental standards and goes the extra-mile by using green products.

6. Avoid building sandcastles

Avoid building sandcastles

While building small time kiddie sandcastles are harmless enough, massive diggings and changes to the sand could disturb the nesting sites of various animals like crabs and turtles.

So, if you decide to build a castle during your trip to the beach, don’t forget to knock it down and fill in all the holes.

7. Follow the path

Beach sign

We all know that taking the “road less traveled” is more tempting, but when it comes to the environment, it’s best to follow the signs and leave things untouched.


Planning to visit the beach soon? Check out the Oath to a Better Boracay for more information about being a responsible traveler.