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8 Best Free Photo Editing Apps for IG-Worthy Travel Shots

Looking for the best free photo editor app? Nowadays, trips are usually planned based on visiting Instagram-worthy destinations. Shots of breathtaking natural landscapes, beaches, temples, and more often make their way to your feed and are what push you to achieve #travelgoals of your own.

However, these photos aren’t always uploaded right away after being clicked. They usually go through editing and several filters. So if you want to achieve that insta-worthy snap, check out this list of free photo editing apps you can download.




App Highlights:
• Editing tools for clarity, saturation, tone, and white balance
• Filter presets ranging from bright to dim
• Adjustable filter strength
• Photo sharing enabled

Available on: App Store and Google Play

If you’re an Instagram user, you may have noticed the hashtags #vsco, #vscocam, and #vscoph. There are hashtags used by IGers who edit their photos via VSCO. It’s a free app with amazing presets you can further modify based on your preference.

You can also pay extra for other presets and more advanced features.

Additionally, this platform allows you to share their photos via the VSCO grid, letting other users check your magnificently edited images.

2. Lightroom


App Highlights:
• Create-your-own presets
• Easy-to-use interface
• Creative adjustment tools
• Easy-to-transfer adjustment setting from one photo to another

Available on: App Store and Google Play

With Lightroom, you can edit and modify your photos as if you were using Photoshop. It has awesome features that let you adjust the saturation and brightness of the photo, among others.

You also have the option to upgrade the app for premium features, making it ideal for professional photographers who are on the go.

3. Foodie


App Highlights:
• Filters customized for food
• Best angle feature ideal for flat lays
• Auto blurring feature
• Brightness adjustments for dark locations

Available on: App Store and Google Play

You got it right — this app is best used to edit and customize photos of food and beverages!

If you’re a traveler who loves taking a snap of their grub before eating it, Foodie is highly recommended for you.

With more than 30 filters, you can easily make your food shots look more tempting and magnetic.

4. Pixlr


App Highlights:
• Ideal for creating collages
• Available in various languages such as Spanish, Japanese, and French
• Has a desktop version that runs on any operating system
• Photo sharing enabled

Available on: App Store and Google Play

How can you go wrong with an app with more than two million effects, filters, and overlays?

Pixlr doesn’t only allow you to make the image dimmer or adjust the saturation of the photo, but it can also help you create double exposure effects.

Unlike Pixlr, other apps don’t have the capability to let you remove red eyes and design photo collages.

5. Snapseed


App Highlights:
• Easy-to-navigate screen
• Exposure and color adjustments
• Selective adjustments and brush tools
• Double exposure, additional frames, and text

Available on: App Store and Google Play

Snapseed allows you to play with any of its 28 tools until you get the perfect balance between bright and dim and warm and cool.

In addition, it has a special feature that allows you to edit just a section of the photo.

The app is fun to use, albeit a bit challenging at first.

6. Litely


App Highlights:
• Film-inspired presets available
• Full-screen treatments for panoramas
• Faded preset versions
• Custom vignetting

Available on: App Store

Sierra, Rise, and Hudson are among Instagram’s most used key filters. Behind these filters is the same man who developed Litely, Cole Rise.

If you’re into the default filters on Instagram, it won’t be hard for you to like the app’s starter presets.

The app is best used when applying subtle modifications to the image, such as little adjustments on exposure and resizing photos through cropping.

7. PicsArt


App Highlights:
• Advanced features such as masking, motion blur, and stretching
• A range of collage designs
• Sketching-centric application
• Users can share images via PicsArt community

Available on: App Store and Google Play

Make your feed more vibrant by posting playful and quirky photos edited via PicsArt.

Using this app, you can put attractive text and clip-art selections, from quotes to hipster stickers, that make your image pop out.

The app is also ideal for users who like images that are high in contrast.

8. Huji Cam

Huji Cam

App Highlights:
• Images portray a vintage vibe
• Random blurring smudges and a subdued blast of color
• 1998-style filter
• Date customization

Available on: App Store

For travelers who like the style of film photography, Huji Cam is definitely a must-use. It captures images and processes them as if they’re taken three decades ago.

The app has a 3D touch feature that lets you preview, save, delete, and even share the image on your social media pages. In addition, you can change the date stamp on your pictures!


And if you’re willing to shell out money, here are two recommended paid photo editing apps you should have.

9. Camera+ Legacy

Camera+ Legacy

App Highlights:
• Dozens of frames and tweaks
• Easy syncing of photos to iCloud
• Manual controls for shooting
• Family Sharing: Up to six members can use the app

Available on: App Store
Price: PHP149

Shaky hands often ruin the chance of taking an absolutely great photo. With Camera+, you can confidently take a sharp snap of your subject.

You can even zoom in the image up to 6x without affecting the crispness of the image.

Aside from the app’s built-in stabilizer function, there are more than 30 filters and other features that are worth a try.

10. Facetune


App Highlights:
• A variety of lighting, textures, contrast, and frame options available
• Makeup application
• Features that can instantly remove temporary imperfections
• Customizable filters can be applied to specific areas of the image

Available on: App Store and Google Play
Price: PHP199 (USD3.99) on Apple and PHP299 (5.99) on Google Play

Of course, you’d want to look as striking as your picture-perfect background. If you want to look flawless in your photos, all you need is Facetune.

This app allows you to look younger and more glamorous. It can make your teeth appear whiter and your skin look more radiant.

You can also easily reshape your waistline and remove the wrinkles on your face. Instant beauty, as they say. Don’t just overdo it.


Excited to try them on your next travel? Don’t forget to download these 10 apps for every travelers, too!