How To Make Paalam To Your Dad That You Want To Travel

Traveling’s all well and good if you’re an adult with a paying job. All you need to do is save up to go on that trip you’ve always had your heart on. However, it’s another matter entirely when you’re a college kid living with your parents. Getting the go signal to travel involves some wheeling and dealing and maybe even some pleading – especially when you have to ask your dad.

Don’t worry though, whether you’re a daddy’s girl or a son with an overprotective dad – we’ve got the top 5 tricks and tips on how to tell your dad that you want to travel:

1. The Surprise Attack

This is probably the riskiest tactic of them all. It entails you booking your flight, hotel, everything – as in everything is good to go, only thing is, di ka nga nagpaalam kay daddy. Okay, don’t panic though. The trick here is to catch your dad in a really good mood. Start talking to him about things he likes – but make it nautral, wag kang magpapahalata na that you’re up to something – then when you feel na ok ang lahat, STRIKE!!

You: Ay, o nga pala daddy. May trip pala ako to Singapore this Friday. I’m so excited nga eh! I booked my flight and hotel na, super mura pa. And kasama ko pa sila *bestfriend 1* and *bestfriend 2*, so don’t worry okay? I’ll be sure to call you and send pictures everyday. *Sabay walk away!*

Do NOT give him time to say no – but do this nicely. Just keep on reassuring him that everything will be okay.

2. Lambingin mo si Daddy

Daddy’s girl? Or daddy’s favorite? Then, we hate to say it, but milk it! But hey, if you and your dad already have a tight relationship – then asking for his permission to travel should be a walk through the park. With this tactic though, sincerity is a must. Don’t be sweet or use your charm only when you need something from your dad – maintain this all throughout because no matter what, your dad will always be there for you.

3. Idaan kay Mommy

Sometimes, you being sweet and the surprise attack may not be enough – meaning, it’s time to call for re-enforcements. Time to call… mom. Being the love of his life, your mom’s sweet talk can work to your advantage – especially if you two are close. Going to Hong Kong? Promise to get her the latest beauty products or whatever she wants if she helps convince your dad to let you go. Be sweet, sincere and tell her all the details of your trip – if she’s going to vouch for you, then she needs to know everything so that she knows what to say when your dad asks her something.

4. You better work, bes!

Whether you’re working or studying, there’s nothing better than being able to actually pay for your own adventures. From transportation to your meals, you’ve got everything covered. Use this as a means to show your dad that if you’re responsible and efficient enough to come up with your travel funds, then you’ll be responsible and careful enough to take care of yourself while traveling.

5. Paawa effect

“But daaaaaaaad…” This tactic works best with girls – for some reason, if a guy uses it, it comes off as annoying. But if a girl uses it, complete with the wide-eye effect, ayan na. Use this with tactic #2 (lambingin mo si daddy), your dad would have to have a heart of ice to not give in. Use this sparingly though – wag puro “but daaaaad”, because if you do this one too many times, you’ll sound whiny and annoying.

Other lines that you can use:

  1. Dad, I’ve never asked you for anything else before…
  2. Please dad, I studied hard, I work hard – please let me take this break…
  3. Please pa, you’re the best dad in the world. As in super, ikaw na. The best. You.

6. Be positive and confident

Just walk into that room, confident that you’re going to get that “yes”. Think of it as the power of positive thinking — if you’re sure you’re going to get a yes, the universe is going to notice that and will help you out. Tell him the truth, present him with your plans, your itinerary, contact details – everything. If you want to be treated like an adult, then present yourself as such.

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