Boracay on a Budget: 5 days for P7,000 All-in!

Nothing quite beats a beach when you’re looking for somewhere to just lounge around. Here in the country, beautiful beaches are all around the corner. Boracay, the world-class island travelers from here and abroad flock to, is arguably the most popular one. It’s popularity makes it seem like Boracay is only for the rich, but it’s possible to enjoy the island on a lean budget. Here’s a guide to Boracay on a budget for 5 days:



1. Airfare:

Booking your ticket ahead of time is the smartest way to save money, because flights to Boracay can easily eat up a large chunk of your budget. Travelers can save as much as 70% on airfare if you book months ahead. Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, AirAsia, all fly to Boracay but you may want to consider flying into Kalibo to save a few thousand pesos, then taking a short van ride to Caticlan from there.

Laboracay on a budget Laboracay on a budget


2. Hotel:

Boracay has several dozen budget accommodations that are ideal when you’re on a budget. Besides, since you’ll be spending most of your time on the beach and partying, there’s no need to spend lavish amounts of money on a pricey hotel. Station 1 is where most of the upscale accommodations are located, but in Station 2, 3, and Bulabog beach there are several reasonably-priced hotels and hostels.

Travel LaBoracay on a Budget: Hostel recommendations

1. Lucky Tourist Inn, Manoc-Manoc

Hidden in the quiet area of Manoc-Manoc is Lucky Tourist Inn provides simple yet comfortable budget accommodations. Lucky Tourist Inn is just a 5-minute walk to the beach.

P1,765 per night, Total Cost: P7,060

Laboracay on a budget

2. Jeepney Hostel and Kite Resort, Bulabog

Jeepney Hostel and Kite Resort is one of the newest hip hostels on the island. The party never has to end at Jeepney Hostel – it’s equipped with its own chill out garden area, DJ booth, and a number of other recreational facilities such as a pool table and movie theater.

P874.72 per night, Total Cost: P3,498.88

3. Nancy’s Boracay Studio, Station 1

Quietly tucked near the stunning Diniwid beach cove, Nancy’s Boracay Studio is the ideal accommodation for partygoers who are looking for a tranquil area to sleep after the festivities are through.

P1,200 per night, Total Cost: P4,800

Laboracay on a budget

4. Bale Mi Hotel, Station 1

Bale Mi has a cozy Mediterranean feel in the heart of Bulabog beach. Bale Mi offers budget accommodations in a cozy setting, in close proximity to a number of restaurants and establishments.

P1,580 per night, Total Cost: P6,320

5. Boracay Actopia Resort, Manoc-Manoc

For a real relaxing vibe, Boracay Actopia Resort is a rustic yet cozy resort that’s just a few minutes away from the beach.

P1,256 per night; Total Cost: P5,024

6. Moreno’s Cottages, Cagban Jetty Port

Fully constructed using nipa, wood, bamboo, and other local materials, Moreno’s Cottages will make you feel like you’re in a truly Filipino island paradise.

P1,680 per night; Total Cost: P6,720

Laboracay on a budget

3. Food and Drink:

Boracay has several home-style cooking and budget restaurants that serve meals as low as P100. There are all kinds of food you can eat in Boracay without going over your budget.

Aside from these restaurants, several vendors also sell freshly grilled meat and chorizo burgers around the island. Remember to eat well because you’ll need the energy to party! Check out these great budget restaurants:

  • Jasper’s Tapsilog
  • Andok’s
  • Boracay Ramen
  • D’Talipapa
  • Viveri’s Cafe
  • Jollibee
  • Mang Inasal
  • Chow King

Drinking can get pretty expensive in Boracay, but the smartest way to save money is by going to bars and restaurants that have happy hour. Avoid drinking in hotel bars because you’ll be paying hotel prices. There’s also the option of purchasing your own liquor from D’Mall, Ralph’s, or Craft’s Supermarket and loading up at your hostel before heading out.

Estimated food and drink costs for 5 days: P2,500

Laboracay on a budget


4. Transportation:

Getting around by tricycle is the most popular mode of transportation in Boracay. Tricycles can easily be found all over, but always make sure to agree with the driver that you aren’t hiring a private trip, which means he can’t pick up other passengers and will only service you.

Private trips can set you back at least P60 per way depending on the distance, but a regular trike ride should only cost around P10 if you are being transported within the same station. Another option is to hire a motorcycle, also known locally as the habal-habal.

One-way rides cost just P20 for a fast route to your destination since motorcycles can weave in and out through Boracay main road traffic. If you are traveling short distances, walk the beach instead – it’s free and you’ll get some exercise!

Estimated transportation costs for 5 days: P500

Laboracay on a budget Laboracay on a budget


5. Shopping:

Take home memories of your unforgettable Boracay vacation by purchasing souvenirs. In Station 3, there is a long stretch of beach where vendors set up shop selling all kinds of affordable souvenirs such as pearl jewelry, t-shirts, hats, sunglasses, and other Boracay memorabilia at inexpensive prices. Always remember to haggle so that you can get the best prices. Avoid shopping in Boracay’s malls since these will always be more expensive.

Estimated shopping costs for 5 days: P500

Laboracay on a budget


6. Sightseeing:

The pristine stretch of powdery-fine white sand and turquoise beaches of Boracay will be the highlight of any trip there, but there are also several attractions around the island. For something different, check out these free attractions that are reachable through tricycle or habal-habal:

  • Willy’s Rock
  • Mount Luho
  • Bulabog Beach
  • Puka Beach
  • Diniwid Cove
  • Balinghai Beach

Now you’re all set for a fun time in Boracay on a budget. Pro tip: Book your flight and accommodations through Traveloka for huge discounts – you’ll be able to use the savings on your food and drinks!

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