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The Art of Pooping in Public: Toilet Etiquette for Travelers

Having to go number two in a public place while traveling is never a pleasant topic. It’s gross, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. You may have consumed something that doesn’t agree with you, or the urge might strike when you least expect it — like it or not, it will eventually happen.

So, if your find yourself out of the house when the cold sweats come falling, here’s a little guide to help you poop in peace:

1. The courtesy flush

Besides stopping the smell from spreading, the sound of flushing can also overpower the potentially embarrassing sound of plopping poop. Don’t limit your flushing to the beginning and the end of your session, if needed, feel free to flush in intervals.

2. One cubicle apart, please

For everyone’s sake, pick a cubicle as far away and as private as possible. Doing the number two is a pretty intimate moment — you don’t want to be inches away from a stranger while doing it.

3. Muffle the plops

Though the courtesy flush is one way to distract from the sound, it’s also useful to drop a layer of tissue in the toilet before letting it out. This way you can even avoid getting hit by possible backsplash.

4. Mask the odor

It’s always best to invest in a portable air freshener or anything that could eliminate unpleasant smells. Nowadays, you can buy drops that were specially formulated for situations like this. Keep it in your handbag, work bag, all your bags — you never know.

5. Keep wipes in handy

In a perfect world, all public restrooms would be equipped with bidets and full rolls of toilet paper, but alas, this is real life, and that is not going to happen. For hygiene’s sake, always keep some wet wipes and tissue with you at all times.

6. Clean up after yourself

The worst crime you could ever commit as a public pooper, is making a mess. It’s not enough to just flush, make sure not to leave any particles or visible residue anywhere around the toilet. Clogged it? Inform a janitor and warn the person after you. It might be embarrassing at the moment but the least you could do is be considerate.

7. Relax, it’s normal

It’s part of life, it’s not like you asked for it, right? It’s not a big deal, let it go — it happens to everyone.

BUT, in times of desperate measure, if you’d rather poop in peace at the comfort of a hotel – then book a room with one of our many hotel partners 😉